I’m the attraction mentor for intelligent introverts. I teach a unique yet consistently proven approach to socialising & attraction that’s infinitely more effective & enjoyable than the approach-centric “cold approach pickup” and dating advice you’ve found elsewhere.

David Tee

Your coach & EXPERT Mentor

These guys used my techniques to quickly nurture an attractive energy that women take notice of and move towards...

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Everything I teach is proven, and backed by 25+ years of my own dating life experience.

I offer 1-on-1 coaching (via video call or in person) to assist you in realizing your social & dating life goals. I also have online courses available.

You’ll learn my unique & proven approach to overcoming past issues & showing up each day as a powerful and happy man who is embracing opportunities and developing a magnetically attractive energy. We’ll shift your mindset and get you motivated like you’ve never felt before.

A most of all, you’ll emerge as a man who is able to along with women beautifully!

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