A refreshing alternative for mature intelligent men looking to develop a naturally attractive way with women.

I’ll teach you how to unlock & develop a naturally attractive energy and social flow that men respect and women are naturally drawn towards.

What we’ll work on specifically:-

  • Deep mindset shift so that you’ll have the right attitude and understanding of how to move forward in your social & dating life and a way that really works.
  • Coming to peace with past issues and trauma that have been holding you back from expressing yourself and showing up in a way that makes it easy to get along with people & make a good impression.
  • Nurturing a powerful and masculine inner calm so that you’re no longer crippled by anxiety, and more able to keep your cool in situations that in the past have made you feel awkward and uncomfortable. This also has a powerful effect on the way women feel about you when they meet or spend time with you. 


Why choose me as your mentor?

  • 8+ year track record of assisting men from all over the world in dealing with a broad variety of personal obstacles.
  • I specialise in helping men develop a natural calm and attractive energy & way of engaging and communicating with women, rather than approaching lots of women and relying on technical “game” skills which take years to master.


Single Video Call

Powerful mindset-shifting conversations combined with deep meditation & self connection sessions to assist you in breaking free from beliefs and limitations that have been holding you back in your social, dating & sex life.


Course of 5-10 Video Calls

An intense & action-packed adventure under my expert guidance to get you completely out of your comfort zone and into truly life-changing experiences.

“For 8+ years I’ve been teaching hard-working intelligent men how to use a unique & proven method and mindset for dealing with social anxiety & developing a naturally attractive energy, so that they can quickly become free to start creating an enjoyable & thriving social and dating life.”

David Tee

My methods differ greatly to what you’ve seen elsewhere…

It’s a sad fact that the majority of men in the dating coaching industry learned from guys who themselves always struggled with women.

They therefore use (and teach) a complicated set of methods for attracting women which assume that women don’t really want or need us men, and therefore have to be cleverly and skilfully coaxed or “gamed” into intimate encounters, through the use of deception-based tactics and techniques which they themselves admit it takes years to get good at, and approaching hundreds of women to be accepted and desired by just a handful.

I was lucky.

I was fortunate to learn from 4 men in particular who had always been good with women from a young age.

They made me realise that women have very real and unavoidable needs (regarding companionship and sex), and are always actively seeking out (or are open to meeting) men who match certain criteria in order to fulfil those needs.

Real attraction isn’t about men “picking up’ women. It’s about women CHOOSING us.

And so it’s up to us men to show up and carry ourselves as men who embody the qualities that women are hardwired to be drawn towards.

It’s up to us to develop a sense of calm, power, peacefulness, and POTENCY… Qualities which simply CAN’T be embodied by a man who is frantically running around approaching every woman in sight, playing a “numbers game”, desperately hoping to “get laid”.

Who I learned from…

Let’s start with probably the most influential of the “Big 4” I learned from.

Some years ago I worked in the nightlife industry with a guy named Steve who blew my mind by the fact that despite his below-average looks, fashion and bank balance, was able to hit it off beautifully with absolutely every woman he encountered, without exception. 

And back then we met a LOT of women, because of the nature of our work. Often taking 150+ guests on a tour of Krakow’s nightlife each night.

Steve wasn’t even trying to get with any of these girls, as he was loyal to his long-term girlfriend who was living in another country. However he had this natural way with women that made every woman he met not just LIKE him, but want to BE HIS GIRL.

I spoke with him about it one evening and he explained “I was the only boy at my Montessori school”.

That explained everything.

Think about it… From a young age he was surrounded by girls who adored him.

And so he got used to being accepted and treated well by girls from a young age, which meant he behaves around women in a way that indicates to them that he expects to be accepted and treated well.

Compare that to a guy like myself who was largely ignored by girls at school… It was always my assumption in my early adult years that I had to be cautious and anxious around women because I fully expected them to not want me in their presence.

These days I’m just like Steve when women arrive… I’m warm, present, powerful, and completely calm. Willing and able to see each woman I encounter as the person she truly is, rather than just a “hot girl” who might be able to offer me something sexually.

And women always respond extremely well to this way of being I’ve adopted. 

And it’s a large part of the way of being you’ll be learning when you begin working with me as your mentor.

I also learned a lot from my good friend John Cooper, author of the book “Game Over”.

He’s the guy who pointed out to me that my obsession with “daygame” and “cold approach pickup” back in the early 2010’s was actually making me WORSE with women, and that I had been brainwashed into believing otherwise.

And BOY was he right!

John had always been confident and good with women from a young age. Like many vulnerable men, he himself had been seduced by the “pickup” subculture after losing his confidence due to a  nasty breakup with a girl he thought was the love of his life.

Fortunately he was able to break free from that world when he realised that everything right down to the military terminology used in pickup was actually placing more distance and barriers between men and women than actual opportunity for connection and intimacy.

Thirdly, a guy named Chris Bale. It’s difficult to describe Chris. But basically he’s a sexual alchemist, the most calm and present motherf*cker you’ll ever meet in your life, and the absolute best in calling me on my own bullsh*t.

Chris essentially taught me a lot of what I now understand about presence and energy – a heavy focus during my video calls and personal coaching sessions with my students.

Basically, if you can FEEL what a woman in front of you is FEELING, you can know exactly what she’s THINKING.

And this is unbelievably powerful. It’s the “secret sauce” to my ability to hit it off quickly with almost every woman I meet, leaving other guys standing around scratching their heads, sometimes even getting jealous.

So, I thank Chris for awakening my ability to do this. And I look froward to the opportunity to be able to do the same with you.

Finally, I learned from MYSELF.

After all, we can be our biggest teachers when we’re willing to open our minds and accept the fact that we’re not who we have been raised, conditioned and educated to be (we’re much more powerful than that, I promise you).

By tuning into & listening to my body, I’ve been able to tap into my power in a way I never dreamt possible.

I still have a long way to go, but the techniques I’ve used to do this (and now teach to my students) have been more life-changing than anything.

I now carry myself with a greater sense of purpose, authority and conviction… To the point where people I used to hang out with 10 years ago barely even recognise me.

And this really is the basis of the work I do with my students.

Opening up their world view and their understand of what’s possible, so that they almost feel like they’ve transcended the universe they were living in before.

For example, can you imagine being able to walk up to a table of 5 girls and 1 guy, saying some funny little thing and having them warmly inviting you to join them, without you even asking?

Or what about being able to approach a gorgeous girl walking down the street, say ONE thing to her, and then be walking to the nearest bar with her, holding hands?

Or turning to the girl standing next to you at the bar, saying something like “THERE you are!”, and then she’s completely fascinated by you, ignoring her friends for the rest of the evening because she’s chosen you as her company for the night?

To do any of the above requires TRUST, above all.

Right now you might be doubting the possibility.

In which case, I invite you to book a free call with me using the button below, so we can have a casual chat and establish if we’d be a good fit for working together.

Cheers, and I look forward to hearing from you.

David Tee.