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Proven action steps for men who want to realise their social, romantic & dating life potential.

Rather than being simply an “approach coach”, I directly assist my students in dealing with the underlying issues that were getting in the way of allowing them to relax & hit it off with women (and people in general) in the first place.

My main teaching formats are a 3 day live coaching workshop, and the online programme “The Reset“.

This is for men who want to bypass the long drawn out process of learning to attract women with a set of “approach & interaction skills”.

Instead you’ll work on becoming a calm, loving and grounded guy who simply gets along with people, expresses himself honestly, and who women very much appreciate (and are actively seeking out).

Testimonial by F.C, London

I have almost 6 years of experience under my belt of directly assisting in the developmental journey of men from all walks of life, running workshops in countries such as the UK, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Singapore, Ireland, Holland, Czech Republic, Serbia and Ukraine.

During this time, I have built a strong international reputation as being a dedicated, caring-but-firm mentor and coach with a deep understanding of what my students are going through, the encouragement they require, and the correct actions steps they need to take.

Also during my career, I’ve written a book, ran a YouTube channel, and started/single-handedly grew the world’s largest active & legitĀ Facebook community on the topic of becoming a genuinely attractive male.

The work I do is based on the understanding that women are attracted to competent, calm, honest, non-needy men who don’t feel the need to put on a performance in any attempt to capture and hold a woman’s attention.

Elsewhere in this industry you’ll find people advocating methodical “approach and conquer” strategies which require massive persistence and gradual development of a skill set in which hundreds (or often thousands) of failed attempts have to be endured prior to “mastery”.

Women are seen as the enemy, and the idea of them simply adoring you for who you are is seldom, if ever, discussed.

In my own journey I became infinitely more attractive to women on the very day I dropped that mindset, and I’ve been bringing the same approach to life, socialising, dating, relationships and intimacy to as many men (and women) as I can ever since.