I teach courses for intelligent men who want to overcome their fears around socializing and attracting women.

“David is one of only a handful of guys that really “gets” it. One of the leaders of the resistance to the old [pickup artist] ways of interacting with women. Listen to this guy. He makes life so much more easy for you to interact with the world and with women.”
John Cooper, coach & author of bestselling book “Game Over”

If you want to learn a mature, intelligent and enjoyable approach to socialising & attraction, I want to work with you.

I’ll teach you how to meet people in a calm, powerful & authentic way that opens endless possibilities.

“In working with him I learnt to be more grounded, clear, authentic, in essence having guides to develop a natural powerful energy. My life has moved incredibly as a result of the work, I feel so much more solid as a man than I could have imagined. David’s easy going raconteur style, coupled with solid workable systems around building your masculine and attractive energy brings powerful results.

I can personally recommend his work and stand for him as a man. If you feel there is something missing in much of the other material out there, and you want to explore the possibility that being you, authentic, masculine, desirous, and good hearted, is enough – this is the man to support you. Work with him, please! We need more authentic, powerful, compassionate men in the world who live the lives the way they want.”
FC, London – Mentorship Student