The powerful new online training for men who want to be able to create an awesome social life, and attract friends and women without having to put on a performance, or by playing an approach-centric "numbers game".

"I have to say... You helped me accelerate me on my path to enjoying being me. I feel like I've really turned a corner. More random good shit is happening to me and coming from completely unexpected places" - Brian, Texas USA

"David's personalised coaching helped me step more into my masculinity and become a people person - Both with women and people in general. It is opening doors in communications each day. Thanks Dave" - James, UK



You must be VERY interested in improving your social, dating, sex & romantic life situation. If you're just looking to passively consume the content of this programme while taking only minimal or zero action, this is not for you.


You must be willing to commit to 10 - 30 minutes per day, plus 1 hour at the weekend (or whichever day you have free) to put into action the techniques you'll be learning. You can do these at home, or anywhere you choose.


You must be able to take personal guidance and feedback. It doesn't matter if you're not great at meeting people right now. As long as you follow the steps I give you, you will be able to break the ice with strangers and begin new social adventures, even if you're terrified at first.


Testimonial by FC, London UK

Testimonial by Mike, USA

When it comes to success in dating, CALM IS KING. And OVERTHINKING will hold you back forever.

That’s just how it is. It's human nature.

So if you're ready to:

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    Learn a valuable lifetime skill that will positively affect many areas of your life.
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    Get personal mentorship from me.
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    Be taken seriously by women (and people in general) and have them enjoy your company.
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    No longer feel socially "invisible".
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    Embark on a  proven path to creating your ideal social & dating life.

... then this is for you.

If this doesn’t sound like you, then you can stop reading here. I'm only interested in working with guys who are genuine about their intention to put in the effort required.

Here's what you'll get...

The Filter Shift

The powerful daily practice I've used to make monumental improvements in every aspect of my life. As one of my students put it, "It's like tapping into a dormant power that I have always had but didn't know how to access"

The Calm In The Chaos

Training you to find your inner calm in situations that until now have given you crippling anxiety, so that you can become free to create genuine connections with those you choose to introduce yourself to.

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

You're not alone. The Reset members are an active community of like-minded guys embarking on a journey of growth and personal evolution. Our group is where you'll weekly challenges, stories, insights, and opportunities to share your own thoughts and ideas.

Mentoring Sessions via Skype

(Normally £100 each when booked seperately)

We'll discuss & break down your specific issues, allowing you to gain clarity and get motivated and inspired to start taking real action.  We will make sure that you understand exactly how to apply the principles and techniques in the programme so that you can gain maximum results.

"Get Your Sh*t Together" ebook.

My popular book that explains the exact steps to take, and the mindset that will allow you to stand out above the vast majority of men.

Bonus Videos

With the aim of making The Reset as comprehensive (and excellent value) as possible, I am regularly adding new video content you won't find elsewhere.

90 day money back


I'm a man of my word and I stand by my services wholeheartedly. I invite you to apply the methods and mindsets you'll learn in this programme for 90 days. If after that time you honestly feel that you have not made any progress and you can show me that you did stick to the plan every day, I will happily refund your payment in full.

Your mentor, David Tee

Questions before signing up? Get in touch.

The Reset Standard Package

Everything you need to start making a real difference



  • Access to all of the sections
  • Private Facebook group
  • 1 x live mentorship video session
  • 1 month mentorship via messenger
6 Months Personal Mentorship

Steady progress with closer personal mentorship.



  • Access to all of the sections
  • Private Facebook group
  • 2 x monthly video mentorship calls
  • 1 day of live coaching with me in Warsaw, Poland