I teach a unique & proven method for resolving social anxiety so that you can become free to create nourishing connections and a thriving social & dating life.

Who is this for?

  • Guys who have tried “cold approach pickup’ methods taught elsewhere, but haven’t been experiencing the kind of results they were hoping for.
  • Completely inexperienced guys who need an “older brother” to show the ropes & guide them in their social & dating life journey.
  • Anyone who wants to develop a sense of inner calm & powerful attractive presence around beautiful women (and people in general).
  • Busy men who don’t have time to go out to approach women every day, and who don’t want to have to rely on skill and persistence in order to create a satisfying & fulfilling dating life.
  • Guys who see the value in working with a more mature mentor who is vastly more experienced than most other coaches in this area of interest, and who actually cares about his students as individuals & wants to see them succeed.
  • People who understand that individual mentorship via video call is much more powerful than just signing up for an online course or buying books on a given subject.
Student Testimonial

What is this all about?

I went travelling around Europe in the early 2010’s and noticed that the other guests in the hostels I was staying at seemed to be having way more fun than I was.

It was because I wasn’t very good back then at making the most of initial encounters, or carrying on a conversation.

Everyone was making friends & hooking up, while I was treated as the weird outsider “quiet guy”.

At some point YouTube suggested a video to me that basically introduced me to the idea of “pickup”, and the whole thing absolutely fascinated me.

I began consuming as much content as I could on the subject, believing that the guys presenting this information held the key to my success.

I went ahead and approached large numbers of women, developing my skills, and enjoying plenty of success with it.

However it just wasn’t satisfying… for 4 main reasons:

  1. I had to work quite hard for “results” i.e approaching a lot of women, and the success was a result of persistence & skill (and basically pretending to be cool), rather than it being women CHOOSING to take their place by my side based on the way they feel about me (as happens these days).
  2. I was basing my sense of happiness & worthiness as a man, and general feeling of success in life, on whether or not I was able to pick up a girl each day. Which basically had a detrimental effect on my ability to get along with women in general, and meant that I was relying on an external source of happiness. It became an unhealthy obsession.
  3. I met a lot of coaches in the pickup industry/subculture back then and quickly realised that most of them really weren’t anywhere near as good with women as their marketing made them out to be. I felt they were only getting success due to the sheer numbers of women they were approaching. I met some pretty big names back then, but most women just couldn’t take them seriously.
  4. I would occasionally meet guys who were really good with women and yet weren’t doing any of the “pickup’ stuff. Instead they had a much more warm & natural way of operating socially, which the most attractive women tended to gravitate towards. I didn’t want to be some stupid “pickup guy”, I wanted THAT.

I soon realised that the correct men to be listening to when it comes to learning how to attract women were NOT the “pickup” coaches, but instead these natural guys.

I began paying close attention, and quickly realised how & why it was so easy for them. And it became equally easy for me, because what they do is so incredibly simple to replicate.

Most men tend to make things difficult for themselves by operating with the false assumption that women need to be cleverly “gamed” into being interested, by the use of interaction control & resistance management techniques – which these “natural” guys proved to be completely un-necessary.

I very quickly made the shift from being the “pickup” guy to becoming a more intelligent, calm, mature adult male way of relating to women and involving them in my life.

It took a monumental shift in attitude and mindset, and it was well worth it.

For the first time in my life it became normal for almost every woman I met to take me seriously and be accepting of & interested in me.

I had changed my whole way of being, to something much more effortless and enjoyable. And women really felt it.

And it became much less about “approaching”, more about participating socially and becoming a well-connected, known, liked, trusted & valued man – Rather than the social outsider who wanders the streets looking for “sets” and treating every interaction with a woman as an attempt to acquire, always trying to “close” on first encounter.

I’m incredibly grateful for what I was able to learn in order to become more CALM, PRESENT & ACCEPTING around beautiful women.

These days I make a living teaching guys like you EXACTLY what I learned from the true “natural” guys who are completely outside of the dating/pickup/seduction industry.

And it just simply…. WORKS!

“I’m not sure if this will work for me”

It’s common to believe that your own unique set of circumstances are more challenging than everybody else’s… After all you’ve lived with your situation for such a long time that it can be difficult to even imagine your life being any other way.

However there is a reason why your curiosity led you here today.

There’s an intelligent part of you that is trying to save your ass from living in discomfort & unfulfilled fantasy for the rest of your life, so that you can finally start enjoying living the life of a well-connected man who is valued, trusted, respected & cared about.

And who WOMEN are turned on by.

And yet there’s another part of you that wants to fool you into keeping you exactly where you are, by making you think that maybe you just don’t have what it takes.

Don’t be afraid of your potential.

Yes it’s scary to think about showing up in life in a different way, but the amount of love that’s out there waiting for you is absolutely worth it.

Remember: You’re not who you were raised, conditioned & educated to be. You’re something MUCH powerful than that.

Let’s work together and unlock it.

I offer 1-on-1 coaching (via video call or in person) to assist you in realizing your social & dating life goals.

The overall aim is to give you a clear understanding, as well as motivation & inspiration, so that you’re able to go ahead and begin operating socially in a way that guarantees you’ll be received well, especially as an inexperienced guy.

Depending on your specific situation & needs, our video calls may incorporate:

  • Guidance on how to carry yourself as a man who women take seriously and want to choose to take their place by your side.
  • Understanding how to know FOR SURE when a girl is interested in you, and exactly what to do about it.
  • Working through past issues & insecurities that have held you back until now.
  • Corrective coaching/mindset re-conditioning (undoing damage done by over-consumption of “pickup subculture” related content & way of operating).
  • Self-connection & “dick energy” meditation session (extremely powerful for awakening your sexuality & giving it permission to lead you in life).
  • Social & dating life strategy masterclass.