Hi I'm David Tee.

For 7+ years now I've been helping hundreds (probably thousands) of guys like you to move on from the stage in life where you just can't seem to get along with & attract the kind of women you want.

I specialize in assisting intelligent & introverted men in preparing them completely before embarking on a new era in their social & dating lives, while of course providing support during those crucial first few months of applying my methods.

Essentially I teach a way of being & approach to life that I learned from guys who are natural with women, which is far easier to learn and way more effective than what's taught elsewhere, especially inside the "pickup" community.

So if you want to become naturally good at getting along with & attracting high quality women, I'm your guy to learn from.

While other coaches teach their students methods which require a heavy investment of time & energy in approaching large numbers of women and deploying a fundamentally flawed skillset focused entirely on acquisition of intimacy, my students are getting ahead within a much shorter time frame by focusing on the key core foundations that make a man genuinely attractive to & able to be taken seriously by women:

Inner Calm & Emotion Management
So that you...

● Will no longer be held back by anxiety.

● You'll be able to keep your cool when very attractive women show up wherever you are (unlike the vast majority of men).

● Won't get over-excited and mess things up when women start becoming interested in you.

● Won't get destroyed if things don't work out with a girl.

You'll learn...

● How to properly pay attention to women (and people in general) in a way that allows you to instinctively know exactly how to interact with them.

Lifestyle Design
You'll learn how to...

● Give off a naturally attractive vibe as a result of getting various key aspects of your life in order.

● Build a strong social reputation & circle from scratch as a known, liked, trusted, respected and valued man.

● Deal with essentials including your presentation/styling & positioning.

You'll learn...

● How to carry yourself in public in a manner which shows that you're and open & positive person for socializing (rather than the uncomfortable outsider).

● The correct body language and positioning required.

● How to warmly welcome people when they do approach you.


● How to introduce yourself and carry on a conversation in a way that gets people intrigued and taking you seriously.

● How to express interest in a woman in a way that never ends up in humiliation or disaster.

● How to never get stuck or run out of things to say.

You'll learn...

● How to develop a calm, masculine & positive attitude & approach to life & socializing in a way that enables effortless social life expansion and that attractive women are naturally drawn towards.

I've put together this online training programme so that you have all of my teachings in one place and you can really get to work on developing your calm, your expressiveness, your presence and attractiveness so that that you can start enjoying the kind of social, dating and sex life most men don't even know is even possible.

90-Day money back guarantee

I'm a man of my word and I stand by this online training product wholeheartedly. 

I invite you to apply the methods and mindsets you'll learn in this programme for 90 days. If after that time you honestly feel that you have not made any progress and you can show me that you did actually stick to the plan every day, I will happily refund your payment in full.

David Tee

What is the Men Who Attract Academy?

The main objection men seem to have when considering signing up for a coaching programme isn't usually the price. It's more about "Can I really trust myself to take the action steps and stick with the plan until I can start seeing tangible results". And so I've designed this programme with exactly that in mind, because it's so straightforward to follow and gets you in a situation where you're ENJOYING doing what you used to be afraid of, rather than it being a huge and uncomfortable challenge.

Simply put, The MWA Academy a practical personal growth programme I've developed for men who want to take their confidence, attractiveness, and general enjoyment of life to another level. In a month from now I want you to be able to look at other men and not see yourself as an inferior option for the women on your local dating scene (or wherever you travel).

I've included all of the essentials I teach on my 4-figure live coaching programmes, but at a low 3-figure price that's accessible for all.

This is not the same old crap you've seen before. This is the PROVEN approach to becoming a truly attractive man, tried and tested on all of my coaching students (scroll down the page to see proof).

We are going to shift the way you see your world, and your place in it.

We start by getting the "basics" right, including understanding the importance of & putting into practice the key principle of CHOOSING BEAUTY for yourself in all of your future pursuits. You'll be going through an extremely refreshing and liberating process of eliminating step-by-step everything in your life that's could be classed as "ugly" (especially bad habits & routines), giving yourself a fresh start & a clean slate on which to build and then start bringing people into your life.

We then get into the crucial core subject of learning how to access a state of inner calm at will, which is going to be extremely useful as you begin to meet new people, and of course deal with life's challenges and opportunities in general. We learn this by adopting deep-level meditation techniques that I've developed with the modern busy man in mind. You'll be learning (and using daily) a simple process that trains your inner calm, gets you connected with your power (shifting you out of anxiety), and makes it much easier to stick to new strategies & behaviours that strengthen you, rather than slipping back old habits. Best of all, the techniques within this process can convienently be done on the bus, on your lunch break, , in the shower, while you're peeing, or even while you're peeing IN the shower... anywhere! ;)

You'll be learning about and developing your relationship with your core life force energy, which I refer to as "dick energy". Your dick energy is the driving force behind almost everything you do as a man. So it's absolutely essential that it is as powerful and as potent as possible. You'll be learning how abstaining from porn & masturbation is in fact a blissful pursuit, rather than depriving yourself of pleasure. I'll teach you how to channel your dick energy in all of your life pursuits, so that you can really get to enjoy the process of making your life as beautiful as possible - Because with good dick energy, good things happen!

Then comes another big juicy section of the MWA Academy where I'll be revealing all about how to go about encountering people in general, with particular focus on how to carry yourself in the most attractive way with & around women. The idea is that you'll become a breath of fresh air compared to what women are used to from the vast majority of guys, who fail to keep their calm in the presence of beauty. Approaching your social life in the most powerful way by "opening for life", making yourself a known, liked, trusted, respected and valued man in the circles you choose to show up in. And this starts by feeling proud & unashamed of who you are as a man as a result of making mature adult male decisions behind the scenes. Feeling absolutely fine about what people are going to see and feel when they look into your eyes. My aim is to make you a MASTER of that.

I've made sure to make the Men Who Attract Academy EXCELLENT value for money, and accessible for all. A real worthwhile investment for guys who are genuinely willing to take action and do the necessary work in order to reap the inevitable natural consequences of showing up in this life as your most self-trusting, confident, POWERFUL self.

On signing up you'll receive the main PDF with all of the sections & exercise, various worksheets to help you learn the various techniques and processes, explainer videos, plus extra things like mobile wallpapers and specially-designed reminder notes you can print and put around the house to assist with keeping you conscious and sticking to the plan.

As a bonus, all members of the MWA Academy will be eligible for a discount on in-person and Skype-based coaching sessions you may decide to take with me as you progress in this journey.

IMPORTANT: The Men Who Attract Academy does not include personal/skype coaching. If this is what you prefer, please check out The Reset Online Training programme, which is geared more towards assisting you directly with your own unique set of challenges & circumstances.

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My students get consistently excellent results

"I chase way less yet there's women appearing here and there all the same."

Me and a friend were eating at a restaurant and playing with the waitress. It finished up with her dropping her number on the table when we finished without me asking. [Since the coaching] I'm more engaged when speaking with people and most women I talk to now sense a difference in me compared to most men. I chase way less yet there's women appearing here and there all the same. Let's talk straight, if you're all caught up in yourself forgotten where your balls are, you're ashamed to have a penis and want women, shy away from any tension then go spend a few days with him.

DONAL  //  from Ireland & London

"I can personally recommend [David's] work and stand for him as a man."

My normal my life has moved incredibly as a result of the work, I feel so much more solid as a man than I could have imagined.  David’s easy going raconteur style, coupled with solid workable systems around building your masculine and attractive energy brings powerful results. I can personally recommend his work and stand for him as a man.  If you feel there is something missing in much of the other material out there, and you want to explore the possibility that being you, authentic, masculine, desirous, and good hearted, is enough – this is the man to support you. Work with him, please! We need more authentic, powerful, compassionate men in the world who live their lives the way they want.

F.C  //  from London, England

"The ideas and mindset he instilled in me is priceless."

David did a phenomenal job of breaking down my fears and anxiety and helped me to structure a gameplan to conquer them. The ideas and mindset he instilled in me is priceless. Highly recommended coach.

MIKE ILIE  //  from Dallas, Texas

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