Introducing the powerful & proven natural attractiveness programme for intelligent introverted men.

David Tee. Credit: Chris Bale

I will teach you how to get better with women (and better with YOURSELF) so that you can go ahead and create a truly enjoyable & satisfying social & dating life.

My teachings simply WORK.
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Why My Teaching Is Different

(and why it works so well!)

When it comes to making friends & attracting women, I learned from the very best – The 1% of men who have a very high level of charisma and love for people in general.

Thanks to them, I was able to make my own shift from shy & socially fearful to creating an incredibly enjoyable and meaningful social & dating life… And For 7+ years now I’ve been helping gentlemen like you to accomplish the same.

My clients come to me because they are looking for a coach with a proven reputation and a more mature & intelligent approach to developing this area of their lives than what is offered elsewhere, particularly in the world of “pickup artists” where the focus is on approaching as many women as possible using techniques that rarely work, rather than doing the internal work required in order for a man to develop into his most attractive self.

THE MEN WHO ATTRACT ACADEMY offers you the opportunity to develop your masculinity, your expression, your inner calm, and your natural attractiveness without resorting to doing countless approaches and trying to “close” every girl you speak to.

How This Will Transform You

Some of the highlights in the members area:-

Power Breathing

The 10-minute breathing technique to make you fearlessly confident for up to an hour. This can awaken parts of you which you might not even currently know you have!

Flowing Conversations

How to open up & share yourself in a new & a captivating way that guarantees no more awkward silences, ever! (one less thing to be anxious about).

Social Abundance

How to approach socializing in a pressure-free way that makes it easier to meet new people and attract women.

Get Taken Seriously

How to come across in a way that can quickly make each woman you meet start taking a genuine interest in you. You'll no longer feel like "just another guy" or a nuisance to them.


How to overcome those inevitable moments that don't go so well, in under 60 seconds so that you can get straight back to enjoying the process of meeting women and making social connections.


Powerful confidence-strengthening exercises you can practise anywhere, anytime, adding more layers of confidence & self-belief each time

Plus you’ll also get:-


Every month we will catch up via video chat to ensure you’re making maximum progress, answer your questions, and give you clear actionable guidance. You’ll be able to book your mentorship sessions by an online booking system and choose a date & time to suit you.


Community, support, encouragement… All essential components of The Academy. Each month we’ll get together on private group seminar calls for live Q&A sessions, meditation classes, and other valuable discussions & teaching sessions.


My book “Get Your Shit Together” is a highly rated manual detailing the mindset and steps to take in order to evolve in into a natural “Man Who Attracts”.

The Requirements


You must be VERY interested in improving your social, dating, sex & romantic life situation. If you’re just looking to passively consume the content of this programme while taking only minimal or zero action, this online training programme will not work for you.


You must be willing to commit to 10 – 30 minutes per day, plus 1 hour minimum at the weekend (or whichever day you have free) to put into action the techniques you’ll be learning. You can do these at home, or anywhere you choose.


You must be able to take personal guidance and feedback. It doesn’t matter if you’re not great at meeting people right now. As long as you follow the steps I give you, you will be able to break the ice with strangers and begin new social adventures, even if you’re terrified at first.

So if you're ready to...

  • Learn how to access a state of inner calm at will, so that that you’re able to move on from your days of being held back by anxiety and self-doubt.
  • Learn a valuable lifetime skill that will positively affect many areas of your life.
  • Start attracting women without resorting to deployment of pickup tactics and strategies, and instead become attractive for who you are.
  • Get personal mentorship from me, a coach/mentor with 25+ years of dating life experience.
  • Be taken seriously by women (and people in general) and have them enjoy your company.
  • No longer feel socially “invisible”.
  • Embark on a proven path to creating your ideal social & dating life.

...then this is for YOU.

Affordable Pricing

Starts with 1 Day Free Trial
To see for yourself the value inside the members area.

Enrol at just 97 GBP 
You will then be able to book your first mentorship call and attend group classes.

Membership renews at 47 GBP monthly
Get personal mentorship from me every month so that you keep on getting better and better.
You can cancel anytime.

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90 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m a man of my word and I stand by this online training product wholeheartedly. 

I invite you to apply the methods and mindsets you’ll learn in this programme for 90 days. If after that time you honestly feel that you have not made any progress and you can show me that you did actually stick to the plan every day, I will happily refund your enrolment fee in full.

What's Included

The Academy Members Area is made up of 3 core components…

Mentorship Calls

Every month we'll jump on a video call to maximize your development and give you the individual/personal guidance you need.

Learning Materials & Downloads

The members area is an online course packed full of videos, written content and downloadable learning & development aids.

Group Classes/Webinars

Live Q&A sessions, meditation classes and group discussions every month.