Are You Courageous Enough To Become Successful?

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Want to know the truth about SUCCESS?

It’s not about being CONFIDENT, or even about knowing what you’re doing.

Oh no.

It’s about holding yourself to a certain STANDARDS, and accepting nothing less for and of yourself.

I’ve met plenty of successful people. I’ve told them what I want to do. Often their advice is as simple as “So do it then”.

And that’s basically what it takes to become successful in whatever you decide to pursue. You make a firm decision to pursue it, and then it’s as simple (or tricky) to own up when you’re being lazy or behaving as a lesser, weaker man when you’re perfectly capable of operating in your POWER.

And then you get back to work.

I salute all of my brothers out there who are on this often-terrifying and extremely challenging journey of pursuing that which EXCITES them.

Those who reject BOREDOM and COMPLACENCY, in place of doing something MEANINGFUL.

Many times in the past I’ve slipped into periods of behaving as a LESSER MAN. Lowering my standards. Accepting less for and of myself. Keeping my head down and avoiding tackling life head-on and getting on with it.

It’s because I was afraid. Fear of what inevitably starts happening when you choose to show up LOUD & PROUD in this world….

People start to notice you. People start to react to you. Some of them start moving towards you and wanting to do things with you. Some of them want to shoot you down because they’re hurting and they hurt even more when they see someone doing something that they’re choosing not too.

We can all choose to move in the direction of that which we fear. It’s not like we’re incapable of dealing with life’s challenges. In business, relationships, health, whatever.

Trust yourself to be able to handle what comes your way, and you’re golden.

Fear your inability/incompetence, and you’ll stay still when you could be moving forwards.

I am me. I am here. I am here to do good shit. And I don’t care who might have a problem with that. Because I’m going to continue doing what I’m doing regardless. I don’t care about the opinions of lesser people, because there are too many great people out there who I have plenty of time for.

My people.

Big hugz and handshakes to those who are getting ON IT.


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