I work with intelligent guys who want to nurture a more outgoing & confident personality so that they can get along amazingly well with women, make quality friends, and enjoy all the benefits of becoming somebody who feels comfortable around new people.

A happier, more social, more expressive you within 1 month.

Let me take you through a process of personal evolution which will result in you in approaching socializing & dating in a powerful, enjoyable & proven way that beautiful  & intelligent women will adore you for.

My students get consistently excellent results

"I chase way less yet there's women appearing here and there all the same."

Me and a friend were eating at a restaurant and playing with the waitress. It finished up with her dropping her number on the table when we finished without me asking. [Since the coaching] I'm more engaged when speaking with people and most women I talk to now sense a difference in me compared to most men. I chase way less yet there's women appearing here and there all the same. Let's talk straight, if you're all caught up in yourself forgotten where your balls are, you're ashamed to have a penis and want women, shy away from any tension then go spend a few days with him.

DONAL  //  from Ireland & London

"I can personally recommend [David's] work and stand for him as a man."

My normal my life has moved incredibly as a result of the work, I feel so much more solid as a man than I could have imagined.  David’s easy going raconteur style, coupled with solid workable systems around building your masculine and attractive energy brings powerful results. I can personally recommend his work and stand for him as a man.  If you feel there is something missing in much of the other material out there, and you want to explore the possibility that being you, authentic, masculine, desirous, and good hearted, is enough – this is the man to support you. Work with him, please! We need more authentic, powerful, compassionate men in the world who live their lives the way they want.

F.C  //  from London, England

"The ideas and mindset he instilled in me is priceless."

David did a phenomenal job of breaking down my fears and anxiety and helped me to structure a gameplan to conquer them. The ideas and mindset he instilled in me is priceless. Highly recommended coach.

MIKE ILIE  //  from Dallas, Texas

DAVID TEE  //  Your Mentor & Coach

When it comes to making friends & attracting women, I learned from the very best - The 1% of men who have a very high level of charisma and love for people in general.

Thanks to them, I was able to make my own shift from shy & socially fearful to creating an incredibly enjoyable and meaningful social & dating life... And For 7+ years now I've been helping gentlemen like you to accomplish the same.

My clients come to me because they are looking for a coach with a proven reputation and a more mature & intelligent approach to developing this area of their lives than what is offered elsewhere., particularly in the world of "pickup artists" where the focus is on approach as many women as possible using techniques that rarely work, rather than doing the internal work required in order for a man to develop into his most attractive self.

This free mentorship call offers you the opportunity to develop your masculinity, your expression, your inner calm, and your natural attractiveness without resorting to doing countless approaches and trying to "close" every girl you speak to.

David Tee

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