Learn how to access a state of inner calm at will, so that you can become totally at ease when faces with challenges & opportunities.

Introducing the four part course that gives men a massive advantage in the dating marketplace…

What’s this all about?

Thank you for checking out this page – I really appreciate your interest in the work I’m doing to help intelligent men like yourself to learn quickly how to overcome anxiety in order to create an enjoyable & fulfilling social and dating life.

And congratulations for even finding my website! Seriously. There is a lot of misinformation out there that’s designed to distract you from dealing with the root causes of your social anxiety, in order to keep you running round in circles buying training products that usually end up with people getting into even worse situations than they were in when they started.

I’m into delivering the goods, drawing on my high level of experience & expertise so that you can quickly start reaping the rewards of embarking on an amazing personal growth journey. I have absolutely zero intention of wasting your time.

So, let’s get into this…

Let me start by making sure you understand that I was once like you.

I found social situations extremely challenging and always made a dreadful mess of first encounters with new people (especially women!), because I didn’t know what to do, what to say, and how to calm down enough to not come across as too awkward or weird.

It was down to not having enough positive social experience as a child, which led to me being either treated badly or mostly ignored during the early years of my adulthood.

I just didn’t know how to “fit in” and get along with people, and it was the cause of a lot of pain.

Women IGNORED me. Men didn’t RESPECT me.

I knew that if I didn’t get this fixed soon I was going to feel miserable for a very long time, watching beautiful intelligent young women pass me by while I was stuck there wishing I had what it takes to get them interested.

That was until I discovered the methods & the mindset I’ve now been teaching for over 8 years, which have allowed me and my students the freedom to go ahead & meet new people and make the most of every first encounter.

Which INCLUDES being able to keep calm and get along beautifully with the HOTTEST women.

My life transformed very quickly, and these years have been truly the happiest of my life as a result.

I now date some of the most beautiful women in the city where I live, I experience a LOT of envy from guys outside of my social circle (an unfortunate downside of all this), I have awesome friends all over the world, I get invited to a lot of birthday parties, and I can safely say that I’m now a well-liked and trusted guy who people actually care about, rather than REJECT or treat as a weirdo outsider… 

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