“David Tee has no GAME!”

The amount of guys who comment on what they THINK I’m saying rather than what I’m ACTUALLY saying on my YouTube channel astonishes me every single day.

MOST guys get it. Most guys have at least a basic level of openness to information that contradicts their current worldview.


“You only say that daygame doesn’t work because you have no game”

No, I was already really good with women BEFORE I got into daygame and other pickup tactics. In fact I didn’t even know how good I was, until I saw how difficult a lot of the guys in pickup make things for themselves.

I came into the world of pickup already with a higher level of experience with women than than most men within that community, including most of the famous coaches I met and travelled with at that time.

I only got involved because those guys were positioning themselves as “experts” and I thought it was worth a look.

Fortunately I realised pretty quickly that pretty much everybody I met in that scene (the coaches, at least) had severe issues around women and were basically out for revenge.

I was really disappointed and I still feel a slight sense of shame & embarrassment about how enthusiastic & supportive I was about what they were doing at the time. I’m able to forgive myself because I was still a bit immature back in those days, a little bit too easily impressed & excited.

My criticism of daygame is that it’s generally taught by men who aren’t good with women, which is proven by the statistics that they themselves publish (go do some googling, see for yourself)…. and that they’re injecting their lack of understanding of women into their followers and students, and fucking them up in doing so.

If you’ve been told that women need to be cleverly and carefully “gamed” into sex, and you believe in that because women haven’t exactly been treating you well up until this point in your life, then that’s EXACTLY what you’ll experience.

You’ll approach women in the frame of “I have to GAME you into doing something that you wouldn’t want to do if I just stood here doing nothing”.

You’ll experience resistance, rejection, disappointment, frustration… and the occasional success, which you will prize so highly, that it becomes the only thing that makes you feel alive.

Even the “experts” will tell you that when you reach an ADVANCED level of skill in daygame, you can only expect a 2% success rate.

However if you were told that women are just going to love you and want to be with you and that all you have to do is SHOW THE FUCK UP and love them…. [which is MY game]….. It’s most likely you’ll end up having a LOT of sex with a LOT of women because they are going to be so much more accepting of you.

Not least of all because you’re speaking to them with familiarity, like real people, rather than being “in set”, which is a different thing entirely, and takes months or even YEARS to get good at.

Most of the work I do is “corrective coaching”. Unfucking the minds of guys who got seduced.

The “seduction community” didn’t get its name because it’s about seducing women.

It’s about seducing MEN into a fantasy world where they only have to rely on skill & persistence to get girls, ignoring essential qualities such as character development, proper social integration, coming from a place of love rather than filling a hole, and true self-acceptance.

So yeah, I might not have “game”…. but to be honest….


Women already like me.

And they already like YOU too.

If only you would give them a chance to actually meet you, without you freaking out and getting all up in your head about it.

Focus on calm. Focus on presence. Focus on CONNECTION.

Peace, manhugz


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