ENGAGE Online Training

This new online training programme is for you if you’re ready & willing to accelerate your journey of becoming a guy who feels good about (and is good at) putting himself out there and meeting new people.

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The aim is to raise your attractiveness 10x by giving you daily exercises that will greatly improve your expressiveness, conversational ability, self-esteem & confidence, and your sexual “edge” and maturity level – Qualities that beautiful single women are actively seeking in a man every single day.. which too many men are lacking.

My mission with this training is to share with you everything I learned and applied in my own journey from being a quietly frustrated guy who wasn’t living up to his social, dating, romantic & sexual life potential, to being able to hit it off awesomely with the majority of people I encounter, making great friends and having countless intimate encounters and deep, lasting relationships with beautiful women I used to believe were way out of my league.

I’ve worked with countless guys all over the world, showing them how to give themselves a massive advantage in the dating scene, during a coaching career that has spanned nearly 7 years.

It’s my belief that anyone can put this training into action and make the necessary changes to your daily routine, and see massive shifts with how they communicate with and are received by people. All you need is 2 things: 1. The belief that people (including you) are able to change, and 2. The willingness to follow the steps outlined in this training.

Included in the price is a 45 minute personal mentorship session with me via Skype to give you the best possible advantage in making progress in your development as soon as possible.

“If you want to be with women who you consider to be out of your league, that’s a clear indicator that you need to raise your own status. The ENGAGE training programme will show you EXACTLY how to do that”.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • Daily routines & practices that are proven to build your self-worth, confidence & expressiveness so that you feel much better about putting yourself in front of new people and being able to get along with them.
  • Conversation & storytelling skills that allow you to ENGAGE & connect with new people in your social & dating life.
  • An approach to dealing with challenges, opportunities, stress and life in general that can make you a much more enjoyable person to meet and be around.
  • My guaranteed method for never running out of things to say in a conversation – No more awkward moments on dates!
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