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Sorry you missed the opportunity to work with me for free.

I'm one of the best & most experienced at what I do (helping men to overcome their issues so that they can be free to embark on an enjoyable and fulfilling social & dating life). I have withdrawn the free mentorship call offer in order to filter out those who do not have the means or the intention to do the work required, so that I can be more available to those who are taking this area of their life seriously.

If you are serious about making rapid and drastic changes to your life by working with a skilled and proven mentor, please sign up for mentorship using the link below, or contact me privately to book a "taster" session.

“If you have confusion or conflict regarding your dating life, I would strongly recommend having a chat with David. He’s very lucid and clear on this topic and provides very actionable and practical advice. Highly recommended.”

IVAN  //  from London,UK

“David did a phenomenal job of breaking down my fears and anxiety and helped me to structure a gameplan to conquer them. The ideas and mindset he instilled in me is priceless. Highly recommended coach.”

MIKE ILIE  //  from USA

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