Having zero or low success in attracting women? Check this list.

Check this list of common reasons why men don’t have the kind of dating & s€x lives they would like to be having.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You want it too bad & you care about it too much.
  • You think that you’ll finally be happy & feel like a “real man” when you finally get a girl or girls, kidding yourself that they are the solution to the dissatisfaction in your life.
  • You spend more time researching online about “how to attract women” than real life social time.
  • You put on a performance instead of revealing your truth to the women you meet.
  • You’re ashamed of your truth, and are anxious about what women are going to see & feel about you when they get a look at you up close.
  • You make crappy jokes when meeting to & talking with women that you would never make elsewhere.
  • You treat interactions & encounters with women as “pickup/close attempts” rather than opportunities to establish yourself in their reality & make connections, allowing them to CHOOSE you, as it is in nature.
  • You think that men who claim to be “good with women” are cool, and that you’re not as cool as them, and so you can’t be “good with women”.
  • You’ve been conditioned to believe that women don’t want s€x, and that men have to cleverly coax them into doing it by using “skills” and deception-based tactics.
  • You believe that the way women have treated you in the past is how they will always treat you.
  • You lose your calm in the presence of beauty.
  • You engage in low-status “social outsider activity” such as long daygame sessions which severely limit your development of understanding of women because of the limited scope of possibility in a “pickup attempt” based interaction. You don’t socialize with women generally.
  • You rely on being “in state’, not realizing that CALM is king, not excitement.
  • You’re learning from guys who rely on running around approaching large numbers of women in order to get “results”, rather than calm mature adult men who women are genuinely attracted to, get along with & take seriously.
  • Your beliefs about women & what they want are based on assumptions & observations as an outsider to their world, rather than from close-up real life experience.
  • You participate in “boy’s club’ behaviour such as going out with wings, or attending pickup seminars and conventions, where women are seen almost as the “enemy” to be conquered in order to gain status in the boy’s club hierarchy.
  • You dress like a fucking chump.
  • Your breath stinks (this is true of at least half of the men I’ve met in my life).

I’ve been guilty of most of these (if not all at some point).

The “boy’s club” thing is particularly common – I genuinely thought that the best people to learn from were guys who also had very limited understanding. Turns out that surrounding yourself with guys who are in their chaos is NOT the best strategy.

Calm is king, guys. Remember that. It’s the number 1 thing to master before everything else.


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