How do you expect to grow into a confident man?

I find it interesting how the guys who still can’t approach women (or have to approach many in order to find the few they resonate with) are the guys who haven’t processed their inner chaos. Interesting… and obvious.

It’s always the ones who think they know better!

They always have a “clever” answer about why the fundamental basic rules of attraction do not apply to them, as if they’re some special case.

If you never attempt anything which requires you to be brave, how can you ever expect to grow into a confident man?


Let’s face it: We all have internal chaos we need to be in a process of overcoming.

Too many men are distracting themselves from facing this terrifying process of internal healing by doing things that do NOT take balls and do NOT serve them.

If you live a life of only doing things that don’t require you to be brave, then of course you’re never going to feel good about putting yourself out there, you’re never going to become confident.

MEDITATION (done properly) requires BALLS!

Because it involves looking INWARDS at all the stuff you avoid. All the pain. All the fear. All the memories. All the insecurities.


It involves sitting in the tsunami of emotion that you distract yourself from on a constant basis, and training yourself over time to respond to the bombardment PEACEFULLY, so that eventually you get to emerge as a man who is comfortable in his own skin and has no trouble letting women see and feel him and what he has to offer.

If you’re just going out approaching playing a “numbers game”, you’re living in sheer avoidance. You’re taking the weasel’s way out. Same if you substitute real life connections with living in a fantasy world of porn, and creepily checking girls out in secret/from a distance.

A man who has moved on from his self-hate should be clicking with the vast majority of the women he meets, and should be intimate with all who are not already getting their sexual or romantic needs elsewhere.

The question is: Are you going to continue in your current routine, or are you going to start doing that which takes BALLS?

Come and speak to me if you’ve decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and you want some guidance with this. You can book a free consultation, or go directly to check out my online mentorship packages.


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