How to attract women in a POWERFULLY sexy way that makes THEM chase YOU.

If you were working in a shop, would you hound every customer who casually walks in the door until they buy something?

Probably not. People like to take their time and use their own intelligence while taking a look at what’s on offer before making their own decision to step forward and buy.

And the same principle applies in attraction & dating.

There are lots of guys running around pursuing the schoolboy fantasy of trying to “get any girl” by persistent approaching using a variety of sales-y techniques to essentially lead women into doing something she could easily decide to do herself if the guy would just calm down a bit and take a deeper interest in her beyond “making the close”.

I remember back when I used to use the “approach to close” method of trying to get laid, it was common that I wouldn’t hear from the girls I slept with ever again.

It’s because they woke up next morning and realised they’d been “gamed” into bed.

And they were right.

I used to use every psychological pickup tactic available to create the illusion of attraction for those girls.

It’s not something I’m proud of.

In fact I feel awful about it. I’d been brainwashed by pickup coaches into believing that it was what I was supposed to do. It hadn’t yet occurred to me at the time that the vast majority of pickup coaches see women as the enemy to be conquered or taken from.

Plus that way of operating was a LOT of hard work, combined with an unhealthy level of single-minded focus on one particular goal, while being blind to other more fulfilling opportunities that were going on all around me.

The success rate of “approach to close” pickup is incredibly low, with even the “EXPERTS” claiming a 1-3% success rate (google “Daygame Statistics” for concrete evidence on this!).

I’m glad I moved on from that way of operating, a very long time ago. It’s kind of sad to see that some guys are still trying to make it work for them.

Try This Strategy…

Put yourself out there.

Meet people.

Make yourself known.

Let women see and feel who you are and what you’re about.

Take the pressure off yourself by not trying to “close” or “sell yourself” on first encounter. Focus instead on connection, on getting along, on being calm & present with people.
Respect their intelligence by allowing them the space to figure you out and make an informed decision about you, and become AROUSED by you… Rather than trying to distract them from that which you fear (rejection) by using pickup gimmicks.

Everybody I’ve taught this way of operating to has reported a greatly improved social, dating & sex life as a direct result of implementing my mindset & methods.

And believe me, the sex is always much better when it’s the girl choosing (and chasing) you.

“But if I leave it for the girl to decide, nothing will ever happen”


Guys base this belief on their future expectation based on their past experiences, not realising that a new way of operating will bring new experiences.

Think about how much of a “breath of fresh air” you will be for women when they realise you’re willing to let things unfold naturally rather trying to push things along.

Think about how much less NEEDY (and therefore more attractive) your energy will be when you’ve learned how to relax & trust in the fact that women are naturally GOING to be choosing you.

Sure, you’ll need to develop your awareness skills – You need to know how to read the signs of when a woman is interested in and aroused by you.

But this will come as you develop your CALM and PRESENCE with women – 2 key ingredients I teach in the Men Who Attract Members Area.

Go for it

It starts with taking an interest in people deeper than simply what they might be able to offer you sexually.

It also starts with you coming from a place of love rather than acquisition.

This is the most intelligent & proven approach for attracting women in these modern times.

So make it happen.

The women are waiting.

And you deserve to be valued, respected and desired.


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