How To Start Becoming Comfortable In Your Own Skin

When you’re able to be perfectly calm & unintimidated in the presence of beautiful women, you’ll have a massive advantage over the vast majority of guys whose behaviour seems to change completely when women arrive.

I’m sure you’ve seen it. Or even done it yourself.

For example, you’re chatting with your male friend in the bar using your normal manly mid-range speaking voices, when the waitress comes over and suddenly the pitch and tone of you & your buddies’ voices becomes extremely feminine compared to how you were speaking before.

It’s what men do when they’re basically ashamed/rejecting of their masculinity, seeing it as a threat to women. It’s also a form of approval seeking – a massively unattractive behaviour that’s so common in men who haven’t yet accepted their adulthood.

And mostly, it’s a clear indicator of intimidation by female energy, and a lack of “comfort in one’s own skin”.

As is any change of behaviour around women.

Techniques for becoming “comfortable in your own skin”.

You’ll have a massive advantage when it comes to attracting women when they are able to quickly realise that you’re a capable, effective, self-reliant mature adult male who has grown past his childish approval-seeking behaviours.

Of course, you don’t need to be some kind of powerhouse “alpha male” type who has his entire life completely in order. It’s completely fine to be a little nervous around women, especially if you’re inexperienced (as long as you’re not apologizing about/indicating shame for it).

Some years ago I discovered a range of methods that enabled me to transition from being relatively socially awkward and unconfident, to feeling completely at ease around new people, and unintimidated by beautiful women.

Obviously the fastest way to lose your nerves around women so that you can carry yourself in an attractive and powerful way is to actually go ahead and meet women using the Naturally Attractive Mindset, so that you’ll avoid all the usual mistakes men make when trying to expand their dating life horizons.

But when you’re not out socialising and approaching people, there is plenty you can be doing in your private time to develop your inner calm while nurturing that essential attractive energy that women are naturally drawn towards.

The key here is to bring your awareness away from your thoughts (i.e your head), down into the body, where your real power resides. It’s important to be doing this habitually, throughout the day, as often as possible.

Daily meditation for at least 10-20 minutes is absolutely essential.

Note: You can’t meditate yourself into becoming confident around women, but the practice of meditation will help you to be able to quickly access a state of inner calm in situations that previously used to challenge you or make you uncomfortable.

Book a private video training session

I’m currently offering personal 1-on-1 video call sessions where you will learn exactly how to access a state of inner calm at will when you need it most.

Book a private video training session

I’m currently offering personal 1-on-1 video call sessions where you will learn exactly how to access a state of inner calm at will when you need it most.

I also highly recommend minimising “screen time”, connecting with your body/power rather than external sources of distraction and passive consumption.

This way you’re not “feeding your head”.

Check out the video below for one of the most simple yet effective techniques for stopping overthinking and connecting with your power…

When a woman can sense that you’re comfortable in your own skin, she knows that you’re a capable man who can handle life’s challenges & opportunities in a proper and powerful way.

So, remember: Less head time, more body time.

More calm, less chaos.

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