How To Become An Attractive “Man Of Status” (and not the kind of status you think).

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But it’s not about who’s driving a Lamborghini, who’s drinking the most expensive bottle of vodka, or who’s deliberately making themselves seen as picking up the most chicks.

In fact, let’s be real here: The above examples are often blatant displays of insecurity. Status perception manipulation.

Your status is defined by how you choose to compare yourself to other people, and you can get better at this when you get better at seeing through the bullshit and understanding what’s real.

Which directly affects the way you carry yourself and how you interact with people, which in turn dictates how they rank you in the social hierarchy.

I was a high status guy even when I had no money in my pocket and I had holes in my shoes in the middle of winter, 6 years ago to this day. This was because I wasn’t miserable and I wasn’t complaining about it, and I was still warm and welcoming to everybody I met. I simply accepted my misfortune as a temporary situation and trusted in my ability and willingness to rectify the situation… Which I did.

Many times I’ve been to the fancier clubs here in Warsaw where the guys wear expensive shirts and shoes, standing around the edge of the room looking (trying to look) cool with their expensive drinks…. Every single one of them looking sad, lonely and try-hard and desperate in my eyes. None of them are laughing.

I walk in and I’m happy as fuck. I’m wearing a t-shirt, jeans, trainers. Nobody in here has any power over me. Women immediately notice me because of that. They dance around me. I leave with them. It happened so often it became boring and I stopped going to clubs.

Comparing yourself to others and seeing yourself as inferior based on the masks people wear will keep you miserable forever. Most displays of status are fake. There are LOTS of angry people driving sports cars and carry LV handbags. They are NEVER the ones smiling!

The happiest guy in the room is the most attractive. Happiness is a consequence of enjoying your life and liking yourself. It’s an indicator of “this is not a problem person, his reality isn’t going to drain my resources”.

As far as I’m concerned, nobody’s status is higher than mine. Because I can out-LOVE anybody. And I will continue to do so.


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