How to Become Better Looking (without changing your style, plastic surgery, skin cream etc)

It’s common to see guys complaining about their lack of good looks being the reason that women aren’t interested in them.

However it’s common that their perception of their own appearance is altered by the fact that when they look in the mirror they see a guy who isn’t happy. Which constantly reinforces the message “I don’t look good”.

In that mirror they often see the face of a guy who procrastinates, and is basically ashamed of how he’s choosing to show up in life. So OF COURSE he doesn’t look good. A look of shame or desperation never gives off a warm & inviting energy.

It’s a fact that people who FEEL good LOOK good.

Even if they’re ugly, they at least give off a good energy compared to a guy who is uncomfortable in his own skin, and is stuck in the belief system that he is who he was raised, conditioned & educated to be (he hasn’t yet realised it’s just a role/story he’s been given about his place in this world and his capabilities).

Focus on serotonin, not dopamine.

Choose beauty in your life. Make everything you can be as beautiful as you can make it. USE your power to do that. The more you USE it, the more you realise you have it, the better you GET at using it, the more powerful you feel, the better you feel… the better you’ll LOOK.

Plus you’ll have a more interesting story to tell than the guy you used to be.

Go for it.


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