How to become CHARISMATIC one one simple step!

The secret to developing charisma really is just a matter of taking an interest in the people around you instead of being utterly self-absorbed (as uncharismatic people invariably always are).

A charismatic person greets you with WARMTH, POWER, APPRECIATION, LOVE, CURIOSITY, and a desire to make you feel comfortable.

Even simply adding the words “GOOD TO SEE YOU” (with eye contact) when you shake hands with somebody is enough to make them feel appreciated, and pleased that they met you.

self absorbed
How to be charismatic

Some people confuse self-absorption with “introversion”. It’s a different thing entirely.
I’m an introvert.

But I see the value in being a connected, respected & valued person, and so I take a genuine interest in those I encounter, filtering for those I want to have in my closer/inner circles.

Yes this also means I have to deal with a lots of nonsense and bullshit from people, but I take it in my stride.

After all, the more people you meet, the more different TYPES of people you’ll meet.

All of the above is basically a large part of the “puzzle” of becoming attracting to women.

Because women are attracted to men who are connected, valued, trusted & respected.

When they observe a man who people are treating well in response to the way he is showing up, they see him as a much higher status (and thus more valuable) guy than those who are going around “approaching” and “gaming” everybody.

Because that guy has already put in the effort/ground work in ESTABLISHING himself, rather than starting from zero each time with each new girl.

All because he sees the value in human connection beyond what he might be able to GET from each person, or what they might be able to offer sexually.

The only problem is the risk of catching something, as a result of all that hand shaking and hugging…. 😉


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