How to do “Man to Woman Interaction”.

When a woman is able to FEEL you as a man in a certain way, she’ll be able to believe in you, take you seriously, and most importantly: Become AROUSED by you.

This is a super-important thing to master.

So let me break it down for you…

I remember living in Krakow, Poland some years ago…

There was a busy walking street (probably the busiest in Poland) that was always bustling with tourists, day and night.

I was walking down there one afternoon with a friend. He went into a shop to buy cigarettes. I waited outside.

As I was standing there, a girl approached me to give me a flyer advertising a Balkan grill restaurant.

I told her “Thanks, but I don’t need the flyer, I was there last week. Really nice food! Exactly like in Serbia”.

Her response was “Oh wow, you’ve been to my country!”. She was quite impressed.

Florianska Street, Krakow

We chatted for a couple of minutes until my friend arrived. I thought she was very interesting… Highly qualified as a lawyer, but handing out flyers to earn an income while searching for a job in her actual profession.

Fast forward a few days and I bumped into her again in the same place.

We had another chat for a few minutes. Her English wasn’t great but I was very patient with her, helping her to find the right words etc. I told her what I was up to that day, she told me a little more about her life.

No flirting, no trying to “number close” (get her number), just a calm friendly conversation. At this point in my life I had already matured out of the “Always Be Closing” mindset, which essentially just reinforces neediness and dependence on female acceptance.

A little hug goodbye and then I went on my way.

I would bump into her like this once every week or so and she was always very pleased to see me. She added me on Facebook at some point but we only ever spoke in person, on that street, while she was working.

Fast-forward a couple of years…

I had moved out of Krakow.

One day I posted on my Facebook timeline a photo of myself after being caught in a blizzard. And guess who contact me, completely out of the blue?

Yes, it was the grill bar flyer/lawyer girl. Being very friendly and warm as always.

I eventually made it back to Krakow for a short visit, and while I was there were caught up. When I met with her it quickly became apparent that she was extremely pleased to see me, and that I had been on her mind for a long time.

She was making it very clear and obvious that she wanted me. And so “things happened”.

So what the hell does this have to do with “Man To Woman Interaction”?

Think about it:

This was a VERY attractive girl.

Standing in the middle of a walking street with literally THOUSANDS of people from all over the world passing her EVERY day.

MANY of them were single guys.

She told me that she was approached and propositioned or asked out on dates sometimes one hundred times per day.

In fact I would often witness her being approached by guys, as the street where she worked was on my daily route in and out of the city.

Unfortunately for ALL of those guys, she was completely unable to take ANY of them seriously. And yet she really believed in ME.

Have you figured it out yet?

It’s pretty simple really:

I was the ONE and ONLY guy she met while working that job who was CALM and truly PRESENT with her, and took an interest in her BEYOND what she might be able to offer me sexually.

And THAT, my friends, is what real “man to woman interaction” is all about.

It’s about being so calm and so present that she’s able to FEEL YOU. Not who you’re “trying to be” or what you’re “trying to do”, but actually YOU.

And most of all, she’ll be able to feel you FEELING HER. Which is basically when she’s “yours”. When you’re seeing & feeling BEYOND the pretty face and the possibility of getting naked with her.

(There’s a technique to it, which I’ll teach you if you decide to do a video call with me. It’s very difficult to do if you haven’t had proper training).

Many of the guys who approached this girl would try to make lame jokes about how terrible her English is.

Those guys thought they were being “clever” and “flirty”, but had they been paying attention, they would have notice that it was only making her feel insecure.

To be honest with you, I LOVE the fact that MOST MEN DO NOT THINK about how they come across when they approach & try to hit on a girl.

I LOVE how most of them make exactly the same mistakes, and the women feel all of them in exactly the same way: “He does not give a flying fuck about me, he just wants to get laid”.

Because then it means plenty of women available to guys like me and you, my dear reader 😉

Cheers for reading


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