How to drastically improve your daygame results.

All of my greatest moments in meeting & getting along awesomely with women were OUTSIDE of “pickup” (i.e going out specifically to look for women to approach).

Because REALNESS always wins… And daygame pickup is basically about faking “random encounters”.

It still troubles me to see guys out here on the streets of Warsaw and in other cities approaching girl after girl, presenting them with the underlying vibe of “I’m a man who wants a girl… ANY girl…. so bad that I’ve flown here specifically to approach as many of them as possible”.

It really is full-on “social outsider” behaviour. Each encounter is a performance, an attempt to acquire. Mostly failed attempts (even the so-called expert pickup coaches say that a 3% success rate is “advanced level” – Google “daygame statistics” if you don’t believe me).

When it comes to meeting & attracting women, spontaneity & honesty will always take you further than skill.


Unplanned, random, chance encounters are fantastic. Plus you don’t have to LIE (or feel awkward) about what you’re up to. You’ll be just as surprised as she is.

A woman wants to be “seduced” by what she sees in you as a man.

The truth of you.

And it feels way better when you got with a girl who’s into you because of who you are, rather than because you approached so many and you finally got lucky.

Develop your character and your expression.

Become more of a “people person”.

Learn to get along better with yourself and LOVE yourself, then you won’t mind what women see when they look at & experience you.

You’ll become a more likeable guy. Easier to get along with. Better at understanding people, play, and the reality of social dynamics.

If you want a massive head start with this, check out the various ways I can help you.

Good times are coming for you.


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