How To Get a Girlfriend

You’re about to learn all the basics of becoming a man who is able to find & keep his ideal partner and start a fulfilling & meaningful relationship, without making all the common mistakes guys tend to make in this area.

One of the key factors in getting a girlfriend is developing the way you feel about yourself & what you’re offering, so that you’re at least able to feel worthy & deserving of the affection of the women you’re going to be meeting.

It might also be essential to make some fine adjustments to the way you carry & express yourself, so that the women you encounter are able to choose YOU over their other options in the dating marketplace.

So, let’s get right into it…

Women aren’t attracted to men who NEED a girlfriend.

I can’t emphasize this point enough: It’s absolutely ESSENTIAL to feel at least “ok” with yourself before expecting somebody to want to join you as a longer-term companion in your life.

So if you’re sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, believing that you will finally be happy if only a girl would come along and be your girlfriend, I’m afraid you’re going to be single and lonely for a long time.

This is because your happiness is YOUR responsibility.

And it’s extremely unreasonable to expect somebody else to be the main source or reason for your happiness, or the solution to your problems.

So, with this in mind, I invite you to examine your life and identify areas where you could be investing more time & energy into behaviours, routines and activities that give you a sense of accomplishment, rather than shame about yourself.

This way, you’ll give off a better & more attractive vibe when you meet new people, especially women.

For example:-

  • What kind of genuinely fulfilling real-world (not online) hobbies do you have where you’re creating something (for example art, music) or doing things with other people, supporting and encouraging each other?
  • How clean & well organised do you keep your living space? It’s proven that people who value & take care of what they already have are more prepared to welcome more good things into their life. Cleaning your room regularly is usually the first step in this.
  • How much time do you spend focusing on what you’re unhappy with in your life, versus actually getting off your butt and doing something about it?

NEEDINESS is the number most unattractive quality a person can have.

With this in mind, think back to when you’ve met women in the past who seemed to suddenly lose interest in you.

Were you paying them too much attention?

Texting them too much, too often?

Relying too much on their acceptance and approval?

Wanting to spent every waking moment with her?

Been too “cuddly”, reminding of her a child who wants his Mom’s affection?

Women always prefer men who carry themselves as mature adults, to guys who are still essentially behaving as overgrown children.

So be aware of your behaviour around women, especially when they start showing interest, and make sure you’re not allowing your masculinity to “melt” when things seem to be going well.

Videos on How To Get a Girlfriend

For years I’ve been making videos and helping men just like you to develop their attractiveness and get a girlfriend.

Videos on How To Get a Girlfriend

For years I’ve been making videos and helping men just like you to develop their attractiveness and get a girlfriend.

A woman has to BELIEVE in you in order to want to BE with you.

This is a super-important point that so many men simply do not understand.

And it’s the reason why a lot of men resort to using manipulation & deception-based tricks and tactics in their mission to get a girlfriend, or find female company in general.

Because they believe that their TRUTH is simply not enough. Because they don’t even believe in it themselves.

With this in mind, make sure you’re always telling the truth when you meet a girl.

For example, if you’re nervous or inexperienced, and you’re worried about how you’re coming across when you approach a girl, make sure to own up to this fact.

The key here is to NOT APOLOGIZE for it. Otherwise you’re indicating that you’re ashamed of yourself, rather than enjoying the journey of growth as a man.

After all there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having little to no experience, and not being an expert at meeting and attracting women (although if you follow my teachings you certainly could become one).

Many times I’ve said to a girl who I’ve approached that “I’m actually a bit nervous because I haven’t approached a girl like this in a while, so I guess I’m a little rusty. But I thought I’d better come and talk to you anyway”.

And every single time I’ve done that, they have always been cool about it.

In fact, more than just cool.

Because a guy who is willing to admit something like that, is clearly a guy who isn’t BULLSH*TTING her.

Don’t forget, MOST guys try to put on a performance in order to IMPRESS women. Which in reality is just a form of approval-seeking behaviour, which is exactly the childish kind of behaviour that women absolutely cannot stand.

Never beg, always INVITE…

I always used to ruin things by asking girls out in completely the wrong way, inadvertently positioning myself as a guy who wasn’t worthy of the company of the women I was interested in.

Getting a girlfriend was HARD back then.

These days things are much easier, because I carry a sense of accomplishment and pride in who I am and what I’m offering, and most importantly… The world I’m INVITING WOMEN INTO.

Which is why when I ask a girl out now, it’s more like:

“You should come and hang out this weekend, I’m heading to the park next to the riverside. You might meet my theatrical performer friend I told you about, he’s usually around during the afternoons”.

…rather than…

“Would you maybe like to (if you’re not too busy of course), perhaps go for a drink with me sometime, I mean if you want to, no worries if you can’t”…

Notice the massive difference!

I’m sure I don’t even need to explain to you the massive POWER in invite somebody into a life you’re already enjoying, rather than begging and hoping for the girl to give you her time, coming from a place of “I’m not worthy, and I don’t even believe you would want to be with me”.

Obviously this article is a basic primer on the powerful mindset I teach that must be adopted in order to help well-intentioned men like yourself to get a girlfriend.

Do take a look at my other articles so that you can be well on your journey to finding an ideal long-term companion.

You got this!


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