How To Save $$$ On Men’s Self-Help Seminars, Conventions and PUA Summits

“Men love to pay to sit and have their heads filled with information they can already find elsewhere for free. It makes them feel like they’re taking action. And that’s the illusion the convention organisers sell.”

It has recently come to my attention that there at least 3 big red pill seminars, conventions, “pickup” summits etc happening in the city of Warsaw (where I live) this summer.

One of them is a seminar that costs $2.5k, where you get to sit on your ass for 4 days and listen to 19 different speakers.

“Wow so many speakers with impressive credentials, this must be good”

Sure, some of them are first-class very credible and respectable gentlemen.

But you’re only going to see them speak for 60-90 minutes on ONE topic. And very little (if any) of the information presented is going to be new, because they are simply re-hashing content they already have out there on Youtube or on their blogs.

“My advice is to find the speaker whose work resonates with you the most (by watching the content they already have out there) and then start working with them as your mentor. If you can afford $2.5k for a seminar then you can afford to instead pay one of the speakers to spend a couple of days with you, giving you some REAL guidance.”


I work full-time with men who are working on themselves, many of whom (including my students) have attended this type of event and all (without exception, if memory serves) had the same feedback:

“Some of it was okay

An overall worthwhile experience? Wise allocation of resources?

“hmmm… not really… I mean it wasn’t totally crap, some of the speakers were good, but…. it was a lot of the same old stuff….”

Too many ideas, information overload, conflicting information, sending them spiralling into deeper confusion about life, where to start, where to focus their energy etc.

Red pill/Pickup seminars are like cloning centres

Like fast food, it tricks you into thinking you’re being nourished/having your hunger dealt with.

But the facts don’t lie. For the cost of a 3-4 day seminar which will fill your head with un-actioned information and make you a bunch of friends who are basically at the same level as you, you could be investing in hiring a real mentor who is concerned with directly assisting with your development as an individual.

“Learning is not about remembering information. It’s only when we embrace & apply new ideas that we learn and grow.”


In summary, a seminar is basically just a way of getting you to pay to hear a bunch of sales pitches. Each speaker will bring a nugget of gold you can already find on their YouTube channel.

As an intelligent man, I’m sure you’ll agree that the growth of the red pill/pickup seminar industry is a result of guys believing in marketing hype rather than thinking for themselves. It’s also a clear sign that men are afraid, and want to know too much about how to move forward in life before learning the real way – By putting things into practice and making mistakes.

Is there really any value in surrounding yourself with procrastinators, and the men who make money from the fact that they have this quality?

“Passively consuming endless self-help information is simply fear-based procrastination. The guys who REALLY want results simply get on with the execution”


The real work in improving your situation is in taking action, not passively consuming information from speakers, books, youtube videos and elsewhere.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to NOT seeing you at a seminar, summit or convention any time soon 😉

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