How to shift your belief system to start getting what you really want.

It’s simple science… Basically it goes like this:

All around you in every moment of every day, there is a LOT MORE happening than your conscious human mind is capable of paying attention to and processing.

So your mind has to be selective about what it lets in. And it has a natural tendency to look for what it knows and expect. It’s always being selective about what it notices, always providing evidence to support the story you essentially tell yourself about how your life looks.

Google “Confirmation bias” for more on that.

So basically, if you’re expecting trouble, you’ll look for trouble and you’ll get trouble. If you’re expecting the world around you and the people in it not to smile at you, that’s exactly what you’ll see all around you.

It’s easy to spend endless hours, days, even YEARS dwelling on your problems, your apparent lack of opportunities, and lack of warmth you’re receiving from people. All that does it keep you in a low vibrational state where the world around you and the people in it immediately sense you as somebody who is not expecting good things, and you will get treated as such.

It also has s MAJOR effect on the way you carry yourself in the world.

As an example, if you believe that beautiful women only prefer guys who are different (in whatever way) to yourself, then you’ll behave in ways which are completely in line with that belief. You’ll never show up fully with presence and warmth in front of beautiful women. And therefore those women won’t notice you.

Once you realise that a belief is simply a thought that you’ve chosen to like/enjoy having, you become able to start making a shift and start experiencing life differently and your expectations begin to change for the better.

So if you’re expecting warmth, generosity, acceptance, opportunity, abundance… Then you’ll filter out/ignore everything that isn’t in line with that.

You can TRAIN your mind to do this by using GRATITUDE. Gratitude, when used correctly, is almost like some kind of magic spell that has the power to shift your experience of reality however you want it.

I’m not saying you can make a free Lamborghini containing a bunch of cock-hungry supermodels arrive outside your house just by saying “I’m grateful for the fact that I’m going to get a Lamborghini full of girls in the next 10 minutes”.

I’m saying that GRATITUDE is basically the form of saying THANK YOU to the universe… and it only works when you are telling the truth.

For example yesterday I said (and wrote):

“I’m grateful for the fact that I can trust that ideal opportunities & lots of money continue to come to me in every moment of every day as a natural consequence of my way of being & approach to life & work, and that I don’t have to worry about it.”

All of that is quite realistic and truthful. In that statement I am still taking responsibility to do my part in order to receive the inevitable positive consequences.

Try this one “I’m super grateful in every moment of every day for the fact that the vast majority of people I encounter in my life are extremely warm, welcoming towards and accepting of me, as a natural consequence of how I am being with them”.

This sets an expectation, in which YOU must play YOUR part in order for things to play out in the way you’re grateful for. It’s obvious that in order for people to be warm towards you, that you must be bringing a great deal of warmth yourself. So it ENCOURAGES YOU to start being more warm. It gives you the confidence to do it.

I call this extremely powerful way of using gratitude “THE FILTER SHIFT”, and it’s part of my online training programmes “The Reset” and “The Men Who Attract Academy”.

It takes a lot of practice, and a lot of dealing with objections & questions you might have coming from your current (flawed) belief system about how reality works, what’s possible, and what you deserve in this life.

All of that can be shifted by persistent daily use of The Filter Shift.

If you want me to teach you in person, get in touch and I’ll send you a link where you can book a Skype session.

This is PROVEN stuff that I’ve only ever received positive feedback for from the people I’ve taught it to. So there’s no reason to hesitate.

And BEAUTIFUL and ABUNDANT reality awaits you.

Peace, love, manhugz


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