How to stop constantly getting rejected.

Why & how do men mess up their pickup attempts & get rejected?

It’s because of a lack of FEELING.

ALL of the pickup information that’s out there fails to mention anything about PRESENCE, FEELING, SENSITIVITY.

And yet, for a woman to BELIEVE in you, she needs to be able to FEEL you FEELING her.

A woman can’t accept a guy she can’t believe in.

And so he blindly follows the instructions of the coach he found on YouTube who has managed to convince his audience that he’s some kind of wizard through the use of hidden camera “infield pickup” videos.

“Behave like this, make up a story about x,y,z, talk to her like this, and 3% of the women you approach will go on a date with you and sleep with you”.

And men seem to find that perfectly acceptable.

And so off they go, plodding along the streets, approaching girl after girl after girl, never once stopping to notice the only seduction that’s taking place is that of the “daygamer/pickupper” himself, by his idol/guru/coach.

The “game” mentality taught in the pickup industry is based on the false notion that women don’t want sex and that us men have to cleverly and skilfully work through a process using interaction control & resistance handling techniques as a kind of “takedown mission” in order to arrive at the “goal” of sex/intimacy.

The obsession with the goal means that the pickup student overlooks the very essence of the woman stood in front of him during each pickup attempt/deployment of the tactics.
And thus he doesn’t FEEL her. He’s not really WITH her.

He just sees “a girl” who he wants to get this THING from so he can feel successful.

And so she can’t believe in him.

She sees not benefit in sticking around.

She eyes her exit route.

He might notice than and deploy more “verbals” in an attempt to get her “hooked”.

But now he’s wasting everybody’s time for the sake of “increasing time spent in the interaction”.

Because he’s been taught not to “eject from the set” prematurely.

Throwing yet more shit in the hope that some of it might stick.

Guys, I absolutely encourage you to go out and meet women.

But follow the guidance of a genuinely experienced expert like myself, so that you don’t have to waste time & energy approaching large numbers of women to get with just a few.

You deserve better than that.

Follow the way I’ll show you and you’ll begin to experience being received warmly by EVERY woman you encounter.

And the vast majority of those who are available to you and who aren’t having their needs met elsewhere will want to take their place by your side.

Isn’t THAT the kind of life you want?

Come and speak to me and let’s do this.


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