Instagram girls are making you worse with women!

If you want to improve your dating life and you are following and admiring girls not just on Instagram, but on Facebook or in porn too, it just encourages the distance you perceive between you and the women you meet in real life.

It’s a relationship to women your brain doesn’t understand. It teaches your mind that you are an observer of women. You don’t want to be a voyeur of fantasy, you want to meet and talk to real women.

So start acting like it. The habit of releasing the tension and admiring women with pictures and fantasy saps your natural and powerful drive as a man to overcome difficult challenges, accomplish great things, and channel your sexual/creative energy into pursuits of real love and real life– which includes the simple, but involved journey of becoming an attractive man.

Trust me, if you stop playing with fantasy, you will overcome any fears of talking to women since it is the only way you will let yourself interact with them. David Tee is here to help with the rest of the journey. I’m Andrew, his student/intern and I can tell you I’ve improved more following his advice than any “PUA” advice. That’s why I wanted to work for him, and tried three times to win him over. I can vouch for the power of his teachings.

The advice sometimes can seem like a small thing that won’t result in anything noticeable, like this post. But if you are serious about improving your dating life, try it. You only have some fantasy to lose, and you have everything to gain from it. It makes a bigger difference than you think, especially if you combine it with David Tee’s other advice.

Comment your experiences with cutting out fantasy. Let us hear your story.


-Andrew W

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