Develop a powerful & naturally attractive energy.

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masculinity meditation

If you’re somebody who is looking to get a handle on anxiety, nurture your inner calm, connect with your masculinity, and develop a powerful and attractive presence during first encounters with new people (women will notice!), I highly recommend starting this course.

Coming back to centre, taking a few moments away from distractions, entertainment and “pleasure pursuits”, gives us the opportunity to consult our deeper intelligence so that we can find our power.

I will guide you through the simple but highly effective method I’ve developed over 8 years of study and practice, and now teach to men all over the world via these daily Zoom sessions.

In this course, I’ll be guiding you as you scan & locate tension on the body, assisting you in releasing it (letting it melt away) so that you can examine and experience the potent energy bubbling within.

The feedback from all of my students has been profound, and everyone gets some benefit out of it.

Some have even honestly described it as the the most powerful experience of their lives.
Everybody is welcome.