The "Inner Circle Mastermind" for men who want to be best equipped to embark on a fulfilling & enjoyable dating life adventure.

You're invited to join the new "Men Who Attract" Facebook group to develop a powerful mindset & approach to attracting women.

What’s Included:

• 1 x 30 minute personal mentorship video call with myself (David Tee), introducing you to the the natural attraction mindset & methods, and so that I can get a clear understanding of the type of guidance you need, which will influence the videos & written material I’ll be posting in the group – 75 GBP value.

• My “Calm In The Chaos” inner calm training programme (normally 197 GBP), essential for helping you to find a state of inner calm in situations and opportunities when you need it most (for example, meeting new people).

• My ebook “Get Your Shit Together – what EVERY man must understand BEFORE attempting to attract women”.

• “The Filter Shift” training programme (normally 97 GBP), my powerful & proven technique for shifting awareness into opportunity rather than scarcity, quickly getting your mind into the right place in order to start moving away from old (unhelpful) patterns and into a new way of being.

• Your questions in the group answered in details with as much guidance as possible to help you deal with challenges & enable you to make quick progress in moving forward.

• EXCLUSIVE video content posted regularly

• All the benefits of being a part of a community of guys who are striving for the same goals, including support, motivation, encouragement, and accountability.

So, this is your invitation to join this new growing community! Looking forward to seeing you on the inside….. DT

Current special offer: 3 months for the price of 1