My Products & Services

“Nobody ever developed their confidence by avoiding things they’re afraid of. The next step of your life requires you to be brave”

David Tee

I work with intelligent men who want to develop their ability to meet and connect with people in order to create an enjoyable social and dating life. By working with me you will gain a clear understanding on how to go ahead and create massive improvements in the way you approach (and are received in) social, romantic, dating and sexual situations.

On this page you will find details of the various ways we can work together, including mentorship at a distance via Skype, my online training course, and personal one on one live coaching.

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Online Courses

ENGAGE is the latest online course. Click here to check it out.

“The Reset” training programme is highly recommended by my students. It will teach you exactly how to maintain a healthy state of inner calm and enjoyment in social situations. You will also get to learn the “Filter Shift”, which is a technique I discovered for creating almost supernatural levels of opportunity in life. One of my students described it as “like unlocking a dormant power I didn’t know I had”.

The Reset also includes personal mentorship sessions with me via Skype/video chat to solidify your progress.


Check out “Get Your Shit Together”.

Skype Sessions

The best way to develop your social & attraction ability if you’re unable to attend one of my live in-person training courses.

Working with me as your personal mentor and accountability partner we will get into deep discussions on all the important topics, giving you clarity, breakthroughs, and actionable steps to take in order to make the changes you desire in your current life situation.

  • One-off Q&A/Clarity session 60 minutes @ 100 GBP
  • Month-long mentorship programme (4 x 90 minute weekly calls) @ 475 GBP

Live Coaching

I offer discreet personal 1-on-1 coaching days in various European cities (also further abroad when required). I have taught in London, Barcelona, Singapore, Poland, Budapest, Amsterdam, Manchester, Prague, Belgrade and Bratislava, among others.

On these courses you will gain invaluable real life experience of meeting women and handling social situations under expert guidance.

Availability on request. Pricing is 1500-5000 GBP depending on location, duration and scope. Contact me for further information.