The no-nonsense approach to developing inner calm and getting a better handle on life’s challenges & opportunities.

Let’s face it: You KNOW you could be in a much better place if you had a greater level of mastery over your mind.

You’d be engaging less in activities which weaken you and harm your self-esteem.

You’d be responding to your emotions and handling the chaos & stress of life in a more considered and intelligent way, that doesn’t end up in self-sabotage, shame and regret.

You’d be less tormented by past events that have been affecting your confidence, and your optimism about the future. More able to respond to memories of uncomfortable and traumatic experiences in a peaceful way, allowing you to maintain a generally more healthy state of mind.

And you’d be much more calm & present when meeting new people (and approaching women), on dates, at job interviews, giving presentations, and in dealing with people in general. More comfortable in your own skin, carrying yourself in a more powerful way that makes a better first & lasting impression on those you encounter.

But in reality it’s HARD to get into & then maintain the practice of meditation – Not least of all because it’s a solo activity and nobody really cares or notices if you don’t do it.

Nobody’s checking, and so it’s easy to stick to old habits and continue approaching life in the same ways you always have, going round in circles and only progressing slowly (if at all) in the areas you want to improve.

This is where my new meditation programme will help you.

Meditating in a group is always better than trying to figure it out alone

I’ve been assisting 100’s men directly in getting a better handle primarily on their social & dating lives for most of the past 9 years. You can read what some of them said about their experience of working with me here.

The key to success in this and other important areas of life has always been meditation, as high-performers in all specialisations will tell you.

Because of this, I’ve decided to create a community of men who are committed to putting in the work necessary to reap the benefits of this essential practice.

We don’t sit around chanting.

We’re not starting some kind of spiritual brainwashing cult.

It’s simply a bunch of decent guys just like you, who want to improve by coming together regularly to practice & master not only the highly effective meditation techniques but also the MINDSET necessary to make monumental shifts & breakthroughs in the areas of our lives that really matter.

It’s hard to meditate when you’re trying to take a photograph of yourself meditating


  • It’s a monthly subscription where you can join as many live meditation workshops as you want, at times to suit you. Sessions run (almost) every day, with timeslots available throughout the day. The more sessions you attend, the more value you’ll get out of your commitment.
  • During each session, we meditate under my guidance for a minimum of 30 minutes, followed by a discussion about the technique & mindset. You’ll also have opportunity to ask any questions you may have. You’ll gain support, encouragement, and (of course) all the important benefits of meditating under expert guidance.
  • You’ll also have access to my other meditation & life coaching resources created exclusively for members.

Want a 25% discount? Use discount code “25DISC” (monthly plan only)