Learn how to access a state of inner calm at will & transform the way women respond to you forever.

I’m the attraction mentor for intelligent introverts. I teach the tried, tested & proven approach to socialising & attraction that’s infinitely more effective & enjoyable than the approach-centric “pickup” and dating advice you’ve found elsewhere.

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David Tee

Some years ago, I went through a phase of following the teachings of “pickup artists”.

I was quite fascinated, and so I was drawn into their world by curiosity for a short time… Even though I’d had plenty of great experiences with women before that.

During that time, I met MANY guys who were also doing the same. They were all OBSESSED with trying to prove to each other that they could “pick up” girls.

The women they were chasing were regarded almost as opponents to be defeated, and everyone was keeping score of their success and failures on Excel spreadsheets.

It was very much what I call “outsider” behaviour. Many of the guys who were seen as “leaders” in the community were openly admitting that they had not been treated well by females when they were younger, and were out for revenge.

Although I didn’t really get heavily involved, it felt like I had joined a “boy’s club” where everybody was more concerned with impressing & outdoing each other than actually becoming good at getting along with women and being taken seriously by them.

Even the internationally famous pickup & dating coaches I’d met weren’t as good at attracting women as some of the men I had met & befriended over the years.

All I saw was a lot of guys running around APPROACHING many women but actually GETTING WITH very few.

One day it occurred to me that the men who women were most interested in had NEVER studied “game” or pickup skills. They were OUTSIDE of the pickup world.

In fact, there was no SKILL to what they were doing at all.

They had something else. And it was rarely something obvious like looks or money.

They all had a sense of inner CALM, coupled with an outward WARMTH towards those they encountered. I had found the magic ingredients for natural attractiveness.

And so I began paying close attention, and started learning from the 1% of men who are NATURAL with women. And now is YOUR turn to receive that knowledge.

I'm the guy to learn from IF...

You're willing to take a mature approach

With me you won't be joining a "boy's club" where we high five each other or compete to "get laid".

Success comes to those who are willing to invest the time & energy into mastering a state of CALM ACCEPTANCE. A naturally attractive man never engages in over-excitement or celebration of a successful encounter with a woman. He simply accepts her interest and acceptance of him as the normal and obvious consequence of making himself known to her.

My work isn't about learning how to "get laid". It's about finding your inner calm and developing a naturally attractive energy & way of being. One of the natural consequences will be that women will naturally be able to take you seriously as a man and choose to take their place by yourself. Not least of all because you will stand out in the crowded dating marketplace as a man who doesn't go to pieces the moment a beautiful woman enters the room.

You value integrity

I'm a coach with a proven track record of assisting men from all walks of life with their social & dating lives for 7+ years, backed by 25+ years of my own dating life experience.

I make no exaggerated claims & I have provided a wealth of evidence of my own success in this area of lie.

I also value the integrity of my students. An important component of success in this area of life is to emerge as a man who stands by his word and does what he says he is going to do. If this is you, then let's talk about working together.

I only wish to work with men who are genuine about their intention to take the action steps required in order to transform their social, dating & sex lives. I am not here to fix you. You will receive ample encouragement from me, but ultimately it's down to YOU to do what's required in order to see progress.

You're willing to invest in yourself

Those who invest time, energy and capital into their progress are the ones who receive the best guidance and therefore the best results.

My prices are reflective of the fact that my methods are so consistently proven, and of the huge difference you will experience in your life once you are deep into the process of applying what you are being taught.

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