Social Breakthrough Bootcamp

How much better would life be if you were able to make quality friends and date quality women?

2 days of private 1 on 1 instruction & coaching that will get the most important area of your life handled once and for all.

Private Instruction sessions are completely custom designed to zero in on and quickly eliminate your personal sticking points and give you the skills and confidence to make new friends & attract the women you want.

Private Instruction is ideal for very time poor and or successful men – as well as clients wanting to focus intensively on the 1 or 2 key areas that are holding them back.

During the 2 days you’ll learn…

  • How to access a state of inner calm at will, so that you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the process of meeting new people
  • How to deal with limiting and negative beliefs that have previously held you back in your social and dating life
  • How to start and sustain an enjoyable conversation – without getting tongue tied or running out of things to say
  • Fine adjustments to the way you present, express & carry yourself that make all the difference when it comes to first impressions
  • A new mindset that enables good handling the inevitable ups, downs and challenges that you’ll come across as you embark on a new era of your social and dating life
  • My ultimate approaching hacks that make it easy to initiate encounters that can actually lead somewhere
  • How to use touch and eye contact to attract women – without being weird or sleazy
  • How to understand how beautiful women think – particularly about dating and sex

What’s in the programme?

Over the 2 days you’ll benefit from a range of breakthrough workshops and practical experiences that will equip you with the ultimate mindset & level of understanding for success in this new chapter of your social and dating life.

The aim is to end the chapter of your life where approaching women was scary or difficult, and begin a new era where you’re taken seriously as a romantic/dating/sexual option and becoming adored and desired for who you really are.

We’ll explore the city visiting busy areas where we can meet & interact with people, as well as more quiet & spots that are more suitable for tutorial sessions and inner calm & meditation work.

During the 2 days we’ll cover…

  • Essential social awareness skills
  • Self-expression exercises and drills
  • Anxiety management, relaxation and meditation techniques
  • Daily routine and habits overhaul with a focus on self-esteem building
  • Body language and posture workshop
  • Social confidence drills that will break you out of your comfort zone and awakening your natural social flow
  • Conversation & storytelling techniques that enable deep connection and effortless connection
  • Real-life interactions with women in everyday situations to put into practice what you’ve learned
  • Immediate feedback on each interaction so that you can quickly identify what you’re doing right & wrong and eliminate mistakes you might otherwise have gone on repeating

100% Money Back Guarantee

I know that Private Instruction can be a big commitment, both in terms of time and money.

And that’s why, if you’re serious about transforming your dating and social life, I will try to make it as easy on you as possible to say yes.

You’re covered by a full money-back guarantee — if you attend this social breakthrough bootcamp and find it isn’t everything I say and more.

I understand that private instruction can seem like quite an investment initially.

But the ability to get along with people and bring women into your life is generally the biggest sources of happiness and fulfilment a man can have in his life. It’s an essential area to get handled.

Life is too short to waste, wondering about what it would be like to have the success with women that you have always wanted.

I honestly believe that this 2 day programme will increase the quality of your relationships with women and I don’t want you to miss out.