The Hunger: A Force of Motivation

Are you satisfying your hunger for life with junk experiences?

To be alive as a human means to FEEL life. Part of the vast range of emotions and sensations we feel, is DESIRE.

Desire can be complex–at times it can feel incredibly good and satisfying. But it can also be excruciatingly painful and frustrating.

There is no denying that it is motivating. I would argue that it is also crucially important to one’s fulfillment to feel strong desire and then satisfy that with REAL experiences.

So many of us fill up on imitations of our true desires, vicariously living through YouTube, Instagram, and Netflix. This leaves us feeling less pain of hunger, and yet less fulfilled by life.

It slowly deadens the DRIVE that prolonged “hunger” and discomfort can create. When one does not give into feeding himself fake experiences and commits to the raw and fulfilling REAL experiences, this unsatisfied motivation becomes a force capable of tearing through fear and shortcomings.

Real experiences also strengthen a man. Eventually, something changes in him, and he recognizes his strength and opportunity for growth when facing down challenges. Once that happens, a sort of love and appreciation for challenges starts to grow. It is the difference of feeling overwhelmed by life and feeling “on top of things”.

A good game is fun when it is challenging and one’s skills are up to the challenge, and the same goes for life. Facing life head on makes you better at playing “the game of life”.

On the flip side, the life of an observer is a life of numbness, which is not living at all. There is a song I quite like, and the lyrics are, “I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all.” At first glace this can seem morbid, but when you take into account the motivating and fulfilling aspect of overcoming discomfort it takes on an empowering tone.

So, I urge you to embrace what I call “the hunger.” As a man, let it grow within you and light you up, like a flame that you kindle with your true desires.

There are practical ways to start connecting with this powerful force. If you know anything about us at Men Who Attract, we recommend meditation constantly. Meditation helps you FEEL and process your experiences. Among the many benefits, it will help you to connect with your true desires and additionally allow you to better manage your actions allowing you to commit to things aligned with your goals.

In other words, you can feel the hunger and not run from it. Instead, you will be able to direct it and harness it for MOTIVATION.

So start cherishing that hunger, because it is your ally. You are capable of relishing in the struggle, because the struggle can be overcome! The game is no fun without a little challenge, and with enough hunger you can enjoy life as you feast on REAL life experiences.

So go forth and “get hungry”!


Andrew @ Men Who Attract

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