The less f*cks you give about female approval, the more female approval you get.

The less f*cks you give about female approval, the more female approval you get.

If you’re one of those guys who approaches a lot of women, and you’re experiencing more “no” than “yes”…. It could well be because you’re approaching too many and too often.

If your “thing” is “trying to get girls”, it’s probably a bad sign.

It was my “thing”. And it was a bad sign!

Women took me much less seriously back when I was overly concerned with trying to be seen as being good with women, and investing a lot of time & energy into trying to GET GIRLS.

But don’t get me wrong – I’m not “anti approaching”.

Approaching can create a lot of opportunities.

And YES it can build tremendous confidence (although often simultaneously harming self-belief/love and adding to depression issues if deep inside you’re not happy with your success rate – so please be careful of that).


See the fit guy cleaning the swimming pool?

See the hot girls sitting over there?

They’ve noticed him. They’re turned on by him.

He might notice that, and go over and have a chat with them. He might well end up in their hotel room later, giving them an experience to remember.

His energy is going to be VERY different to that of the guy who is wandering the streets looking for girls to approach.

Because he was doing his own thing.

And that always looks & feels WAY better to women than the guy who is scanning his environment looking for the next girl to try to “get it on” with.

The street wandering “daygamer” is actively seeking females, and he’s most likely following advice on how to have conversations with those females which is highly ineffective, created by men who themselves only sleep with less than 3% of the women they approach (by their own admission – google “daygame statistics” and see for yourself).

The less f*cks you give about female approval, the more female approval you get.

When I run out of coffee (or bananas) and I nip down to the shop in the ground floor of my building, my primary purpose is to get coffee, obviously. (Or bananas, obviously).

And because I live in Warsaw, it’s not unusual to spot a rather attractive young woman walking by.

For me that’s absolutely the best time to approach.

Because the context is genuine (I don’t have to lie, don’t have to pretend I “randomly just saw” her, because I actually DID randomly just see her, and I genuinely am on my way to get coffee. Or bananas).

And therefore I’m not giving off any of that NEEDY ENERGY that full-time approachers often do.

Which makes me BELIEVABLE to the women I approach.

[Believability is the single most important thing that HAS to be there if you want all the women you meet to take you seriously, and for there to be a chance of something happening]

YES there are a few (really not many at all) guys out there who approach a lot and they’re genuinely successful at it. I’m happy for them. I wish there were more of them.

But there are not.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but for most guys, getting into “pickup” makes for LESS success with women, than if they were to simply just apply the basic attraction principles, method and mindset taught by men who do very well with women without relying on mass approaching…. and then just GET ON WITH THEIR LIVES.

Orienting themselves around their true passions, rather than their desire for female approval.

Travelling to enjoy and explore a new city, rather than to go hunting for girls.

Never prioritize the pursuit of women. Women will smell it and run a mile.


Because the less f*cks you give about female approval, the more female approval you get.

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