The mistake that nearly ALL guys make when speaking to women…

90%+ of guys make this MISTAKE when approaching women…

I used to do this all the time too, and it meant that a lot of the women I met:

  • Didn’t take me seriously
  • Told me they had a boyfriend, when they most likely didn’t
  • Would give me a fake phone number
  • Would give me their genuine contact details, but not respond to my texts

So what was I doing wrong, and what did I CHANGE?

I was doing what most men do… Fearing my own MASCULINITY when in the presence of feminine energy & beauty, and so coming from a place best described as “harmless” or “none threatening” (not that we’re out to do harm, of course).

You see, when men talk with other men, we generally use a deep-to-mid-range voice tonality, speaking with conviction, with the occasional sprinkle of humour.That’s coming from the MASCULINE.

But when girls arrive… They often slip into this mode of operating where their voice pitch increases, they start acting very “nice, pleasant & harmless”, often using too much humour (which turns out to not be funny), and then leaving each woman with a feeling of:


… and hence she needs to dismiss/reject you, because she can’t take you seriously, and she certainly can’t become aroused by you.

If you want a woman to want to BE with you, she needs to BELIEVE in you.

And if you’re not comfortable in your masculinity, it’s going to be pretty damn difficult to have any real success in attracting women.

It’s the reason why men who are taught by men who aren’t good with women (especially pickup artists) have to approach such vast numbers of women to get with so few… Because they’re concentrating on the techniques & strategy, rather than the energetic awareness that makes quick connection & arousal possible.

Every day this week I’m running intimate live self-connection & masculinity meditation workshops (with a maximum of 8 participants per session, at a tiny running cost of just 5 GBP (not even $7) towards the Ferrari fund 😉

We’ll have a little chat before we begin, give you a bit of background info so you’ll have better understanding of what we’re doing before we dive into a full deep dive guided tension-release session which enable you to experience yourself in a state which will most likely reveal something to you.

I’ve done this with lots and lots of people, and the after-effects can be quite profound, including one very distressed girl in a smoky jazz bar in Krakow who described the experience as “the most amazing of my life”. She calmed RIGHT down and found her calm femininity for the first time in her life, whereas previously she had been in the midst of what was basically a panic attack over some personal drama.

…and that was jus a 15 minute session, in front of my girlfriend who was fuming with jealousy by the end of it, even though she had initially encouraged her to do it, with her approval…

This week’s sessions will be focused entirely on assisting you in finding your calm MASCULINITY…. giving you an opportunity to respond to having your awareness directly on your power and potency.

After the class, I’ll be sending you a free meditation guide PDF that will help you get set up and into the habit of meditating (and having your awareness in your body rather than in your head) more often & regularly enough to start gaining long-term benefits, including becoming more effective in social situations & elsewhere.

It’s worth attending just for that alone

Because it’s a concise “cheat sheet” that does away with the need to read entire books on meditation, getting you straight to the basics that actually work.

You’ll be learning the powerful-yet-simple-to-follow method I’ve distilled from almost 10 years of practice combined with close guidance from some extremely clever people I’ve had the pleasure to encounter and absorb the wisdom of over the years.

This is a completely live thing, not one of those pre-recorded fake online webinar things we’ve all seen.

Join A Masculinity Meditation Session

Join A Masculinity Meditation Session

Cheers & I look forward to you joining us

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