The REAL Recipe For True Self-Esteem

If you want to feel better about yourself and your future, start doing what you know you should be doing that you currently are not.

It’s a whole lot better than constantly avoiding it, and then beating yourself up & hating yourself for that, reducing your opinion of yourself and your power day by day.

I should know, I’ve battled with this plenty, just like so many men and women do.

And I know it can be difficult to accept that you’re even capable of accomplishing what needs to be done.

If it’s any encouragement, try to understand that even a “E” grade completed task is better than not showing up at all.

All of your avoidant habits and routines should rightly disgust you, or make you ashamed of yourself. Trust me, when I haven’t been doing what I know I SHOULD have been doing I can barely look another human in the eye (unless it’s somebody else who is also living in avoidance).

And that’s a sure recipe for making yourself feel totally unattractive to women! Nobody who’s ashamed of himself is going to feel good about presenting himself to women he’s attracted to.

The more you push back on reality and start being at the CAUSE of what’s going on in your life instead of letting it all crush down on you, the more you start to notice that you’re way more powerful than you were raised, conditioned and educated to be.

You start to become excited about being YOU.

I’ve had stages of my life where I’ve woken up every morning and leapt out of bed in pure excitement about the day ahead, because things were going so well and it was all my own doing.

I did it by breaking a lot of rules… Rules I was taught as a kid… rules that are no longer being enforced…

Rules about

“Be quiet”
“Move out of the way and let the important people get what they want first”
“Don’t even dream of making it in life, that’s not for people like us”
“Don’t try to rock the boat or challenge the status quo”
“Don’t try to change anything, this is the way things are done around here, we know better, you’re the new guy, shut up and do as you’re told”
“Who you are and what you want do not matter”

Trust me, nobody is waiting to yell at you or stop you from doing whatever positive-intentioned things you want to do. Not now that you’re an adult.

Show up in life and make your mark. Take your place in this world. Deal with the bullshit and the challenges as they come. Do not play it safe!!


You got this .

Peace, love + manly handshakes


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