The REAL thing to work on in order to begin a truly enjoyable dating life (NOBODY talks about this)

It’s OVER-EXCITEMENT that causes women to lose interest quickly when they first meet you.

It’s OVER-EXCITEMENT that makes you over-plan and over-think about the date you’ve got coming up later in the week, so that you can’t even relax & focus in the days leading up to it.

It’s OVER-EXCITEMENT that has you showing up so nervous on the date that she also finds it difficult to relax with you, and prevents the connection required in order for things to really come together.

It’s OVER-EXCITEMENT that has you drinking alcohol to “calm your nerves”, which then sets the dysfunctional tone for the rest of the relationship, if you do eventually fall drunkenly together in a heap at the end of the night.

It’s OVER-EXCITEMENT that prevents your dick from getting hard when you take a girl home.

It’s OVER-EXCITEMENT that allows her femininity to overwhelm you during sex to the point that you find it impossible to hold back from finishing before she does.

When you’re OVER-EXCITED, you’re letting what’s happening go to your HEAD. When instead you could be CALMLY ACCEPTING that which you desire, by letting into your body, where your deeper intelligence & power resides, and letting this part of you handle what’s going on.

Rather than your chaotic headspace.

The biggest thing that seems to help my mentorship/coaching clients is teaching them how to reach a point of calm quickly & at will when new & “exciting” things are happening.

Not least of all because then they’re able to think straight and not come across as a fumbling buffoon when they approach or are approached by women.

Women are attracted to CALM men who don’t lose their shit in the presence of beauty.

As I always say, “The calmest man in the room is the sexiest man in the room.”His inner calm is obvious to any observer. It signals self-reliance & assuredness. He’s the master of his reality.

That’s HOT. Ask any woman and she will confirm this.

If you’re finding it difficult to adjust to the idea of women being automatically accepting of & into you from the moment they meet you, see it like this…

The reason you kept “crashing the car” in the past was because you were driving too fast, too “drunk” on desire. You were over-excited about reaching your destination.

Therefore you weren’t able to calmly navigate your way through the chaos of the route & the territory. You weren’t giving yourself enough time & mental space to “read the road” in front of you.

And you may have even failed to spot that whatever was awaiting you at your destination was in fact already making its way to you. You hadn’t noticed the message containing that information, because you were so fixated on the destination.

I do well with women because I sit back and let them come to me. I NEVER try to game, lead or “pick up” women.

I will encounter & interact with them, sure. They get to see who I am & what I’m about, & feel my vibe etc.

But then it’s up to them to realise that they’ve just experienced a man who’s totally present with her and ZERO over-excited/needy vibes. And when they do, all they wanna do is take their place at my side. It happens ALL THE TIME.

They don’t normally get to experience that from the men they encounter, because most men lose their shit in the presence of beauty.

I’ve seen it all, so therefore I do not.

You’ve seen plenty of beauty in your life too, so why do you continue to let it excite you so much?

Just appreciate & accept it with calm & presence.

With the right guidance, you can have it too.

Then you get to become a man who arouses women simply by his way of being, rather than from pumping her “buying temperature” through the use of juvenile “pickup techniques”.

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