She says she has a boyfriend. What next? (the way of the REAL man)

A lot of guys are confused about what to do when they meet a girl who reveals she has a boyfriend. And I’ve written this short article to clear up this issue once and for all, so that when you find a girl who has a boyfriend it can become the beginning of a super-enjoyable experience.

Understand & embrace the value in human connections beyond “is this person romantically or sexually available to me in this moment – If no then eject”.

Connections lead to opportunity. Excusing yourself is denying yourself an effortlessly rich and nourishing social & dating life.


Meeting a girl and finding out she has a boyfriend or she’s unavailable to you/having her needs met elsewhere is FANTASTIC.

Don’t believe it?

You should be opening people and being cool with them whether they’re sexually available to you or not, as if you’re all on a cruise ship together and your paths will cross again in the near future.

Treating interactions as “sets/pickup attempts” might have you running around like a beggar all your life. You’re not building a network an there’s no chance for a “snowball” to form where at some point you become known by many people as a liked, trusted, valued and respected guy.

I invite you to experiment with the approach of “rounding people up”, finding who’s cool/interesting to you, and ditching (with love) those who are not.

Pick up a girl, you get one girl. Befriend a girl, you open the the door to ALL of her friends being cool with you.


“Game” a girl, you get one girl.

BEFRIEND a girl, you open the door to ALL of her friends being cool with you. Assuming you’re cool, of course. Not “chasing pussy” like an immature and desperate little kid but instead establishing yourself as a PERSON, and ADULT MALE, who people are pleased to see next time. “The women come to you”, if that’s what you want.

It helps if you have conversation skills, a sense of humour, stories to share. Don’t even bother trying to meet and get along with people unless you have those (or are working on those – do check out my training products and services if you want help in this crucial area). Otherwise you’re just some guy who’s “trying” and it’s endless hard work, lots of approaches, chasing “results” instead of enjoying your life as it unfolds.


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