When Confidence Gets You REJECTED By Women…

I gave the following advice to a guy who said he’s getting more rejections than he used to, now that he’s approaching women more often and is less nervous about it…

Basically when a woman senses that you “do this all the time”, she finds you less believable and will (hopefully politely) dismiss/reject you.

It’s the reason why I can push my nervous friend who never approaches girls and knows nothing about pickup into going up to a girl, and he’ll end up in bed with her….. meanwhile guys who are heavily into daygame having to approach very large numbers of girls all day long just to get a date.

It’s the reason why I quit going out specifically to approach, and now only approach in situations where it’s a genuinely random encounter.

That way, the women are meeting me as a man on his purpose, rather than going around trying to fill a void.

Not only do all of my interactions go well, but it’s so much easier than having to lie about what you’re up to. I just tell the truth “I’ve run out of toilet paper so I’m just nipping to the shop” etc 😀 Way more relatable than assumption stacking etc etc.

The nervous guy is more BELIEVABLE, because you can’t fake nervousness, and you wouldn’t even want to.

The solution?

Go ahead and gain experience in approaching, getting used to meeting women, building confidence.

But then only use those “skills” you’ve developed in genuinely random situations, rather than going out “Sarging” as a full-time activity.

I promise you’ll notice a difference in the way you are received.

Otherwise you’ll get frustrated not only with yourself but the women you’re approaching, because “they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do”.


If you DO choose to continue approaching a LOT, there is a chance that you’ll start to develop your skills and become the type of guy who still has to approach a LOT and get flaked on a LOT, BUT….. also has really awesome threesomes etc with super super hot girls.

That takes years of practice. And it doesn’t work for a lot of guys.

But if it’s what you want, by all means go for it!

Just beware: You might not find it as fulfilling as you were hoping.

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