Why cleaning your room gives you such a powerful advantage over males who don’t

There are not many things that please me more than the buzz I get after scrubbing my living space to a deep sparkle.

Do you know why?

Because essentially it’s a form of dealing with SHAME.

Think about it.

When you let your place get dirty and cluttered, you accumulate dissatisfaction and shame about how you’re living, which you have to look at every day.

Cleaning up your living space is a real action step that makes you feel a sense of PRIDE when accomplished.

Even during the cleaning process (which can get quite unpleasant), you get to feel good because you’re pushing back against what you had allowed to crush down on you.

And sure you might resent the fact that a lot of the mess in your life was not directly caused by you, or that the mess in the kitchen was in fact caused by your room-mates. So you might not see it as your job to have to do this work.

But at the end of the day, you’re going to HAVE to do it! If anything it sets a good example to your room-mates (although often they require continuous training on the basics of “don’t leave your hair all over the bathroom floor after shaving” etc).

And you know the mess is going to come back pretty soon. Be careful of resenting THAT fact also. There is no magic pill “one time solution” to fix all of your problems.

One more point: Do you want to bring your next girl back to a filthy apartment that shows the shame and chaos you’re living in? Do you think that’s going to turn her on? Does it turn YOU on?

Scrub it all away. Keep at it.

Do something that you’re proud of today. Happiness is a habit.


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