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What we'll cover...

Inner Calm & Emotion Management

So that you…

  • Will no longer be held back by anxiety.
  • You’ll be able to keep your cool when very attractive women show up wherever you are (unlike the vast majority of men).
  • Won’t get over-excited and mess things up when women start becoming interested in you.
  • Won’t get destroyed if things don’t work out with a girl.



You’ll learn…

  • How to properly pay attention to women (and people in general) in a way that allows you to instinctively know exactly how to interact with them.

Lifestyle Design

You’ll learn how to…

  • Give off a naturally attractive vibe as a result of getting various key aspects of your life in order.
  • Build a strong social reputation & circle from scratch as a known, liked, trusted, respected and valued man.
  • Deal with essentials including your presentation/styling & positioning.


You’ll learn…

  • How to carry yourself in public in a manner which shows that you’re and open & positive person for socializing (rather than the uncomfortable outsider).
  • The correct body language and positioning required.
  • How to warmly welcome people when they do approach you.



  • How to introduce yourself and carry on a conversation in a way that gets people intrigued and taking you seriously.
  • How to share yourself through excellent STORYTELLING abilities.
  • How to express interest in a woman in a way that never ends up in humiliation or disaster.
  • How to never get stuck or run out of things to say.


You’ll learn…

  • How to develop a calm, masculine & positive attitude & approach to life & socializing in a way that enables effortless social life expansion and that attractive women are naturally drawn towards.


The Format

I’ve put together this 2 day workshop so that you have all of my teachings in one place and you can really get to work on developing your calm, your expressiveness, your presence and attractiveness so that that you can start enjoying the kind of social, dating and sex life most men don’t even know is even possible.

This is a group workshop limited to 5 people each time. Although we’ll be addressing a lot of topics relating to this very important area of your life, we’ll take a relatively informal and easy-going approach. It’s important to make this an enjoyable, memorable and educational experience for all who attend.


Pricing info is available on application. I have designed this programme to be affordable for anyone in full-time employment.