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From starter courses to fully fledged mentorship programmes.

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From starter courses to fully fledged mentorship programmes.


You don’t want to spend months or even YEARS learning pickup techniques and “GAME”. You want immediate gains in your self-confidence and better reactions from every woman you meet, which compel you to continue.

"An action plan for men who want to see a massive improvement in their dating lives QUICKLY."


Booking an expert coaching session is the quickest way to gain tangible results in your social & dating lifestyle by working with me.

David Tee


With 7+ years experience in assisting men in "coming out of their shell" and becoming free to meet their ideal women.

"Dave is one of only a handful of guys that really "gets" it. Listen to this guy. He makes life so much more easy for you to interact with the world and with women."
- John Cooper,  Bestselling Author of "Game Over"

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