You are who you spend the most of your time being.

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Game shouldn’t be something you just switch on when girls arrive.

You should be stepping up and behaving as an attractive, loving (yourself and outwardly) man who has his shit together, in every moment of every day. In private and in public.

Eliminating & abandoning everything you used to do that weakened you, and doing only what serves you to grow.

Recognising your immature/juvenile behaviours & habits, moving on and stepping up into ownership of every aspect of your life. So that you have absolutely nothing to feel ashamed of and you can feel fine about letting people SEE and FEEL you.

The most successfully attractive men you’ll ever encounter are those who don’t have to change their way of being when the women arrive. No reaction of fear, no adjustment of posture. They just continue being who they are: The best, most adult, mature, calm, unashamedly sexy man they can be.

You are who you spend the most time being. If the way you relate to & interact with people is an act or a performance, it will be smelt and rejected.


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