As a man, having female friends is ESSENTIAL. Here’s why.

Too many men who are trying to improve their dating lives shun the idea of simply “making friends” with women.

Unbeknownst to them, this is exactly what they need to do to improve.

Between the fear of the dreaded friend-zone and the urgency to get sexual with women little room is left for men to actually get to know women and learn how to relate to them. An interaction based on this neediness and fear communicates a lack of options, a low status, and a lack of social awareness.

Trying to “close” women when there isn’t much of a connection can feel strange. Of course, sometimes things are hot from the start and things move fast right away, but that’s a subtle thing that only developing social awareness can help you pick up on. Hence, the benefit of making friends and not burning all your interactions to the ground with tactless “closes.”

And here’s the irony, you can be friends with women and still be flirty. You can still show desire for them, and let them know you’re not an asexual doormat. It’s unfortunate that men trying to become better with women end up doing counter-productive things. That’s why Men Who Attract offers coaching for men who want to learn what it really takes to become an attractive man.


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